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Body Unpolitic - Part 35

By Dishonourable Ember
This past week I had the opportunity to having to shop at the Maerua Mall again after the Festive season. It was lovely not to see any Christmas stuff or Valentine's Day stuff, while the Easter stuff had already started making its marks in several shops.

For the umpteenth time I noticed that the shops that have their origin south of the Orange rarely if ever distinguish between SA and Namibia. Their advertising campaigns are drawn up in Egoli or the Mother City and we just have to grin and bear it. On the other hand, I suppose beggars in this case really cannot be choosers. But that is not what I wanted to talk about is the fact of the reappearance the botsotsos that are starting to give the mall a bad name.

Before the holidays we heard many sad stories about people being robbed of wallets, ladies being robbed of their purses and handbags and cars being broken into.

According to most reports the security guys stood there doing absolutely nothing, while - it is alleged - the City Police also did not show any great interest in the matter.

Coming back to the security guards: There were allegations that these (usually underpaid) guys were actually in cahoots with the gangs and shared the loot afterwards.

Whatever! It is a pain in the ... neck to see the management of the complex and the owners not proactively doing anything about this. It really is not rocket science to do a total, once-and-for-all clean-up of this rabble and let the people shop in peace and quiet.


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