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Body Unpolitic - Part 34

By Dishonourable Ember
By now everyone should be back with their noses to the grindstone and sick an tired of it already. For some it is an easy grind; for some not. Anyone who went away from our capital city, will have noticed that our news, TV and all the other accoutrements of modern lifealso absconded somewhere in the beginning of December and returned now will not notice any real difference.

We still have the Struggle children complaining; we still have our drunk drivers taking out traffic lights over a weekend - or even during the week; we still have our shebeens at whatever hour; we still have a taxi driver being a perfect example of how not to drive, etc., etc.

The only thing really new these past few weeks happened when the opposition parties caused hilarity with their frivolous demands for money to fight the coming elections.

Some were relatively modest in their demands: only a few million, while SWANU wants a whopping N$100 MILLION.

That is about N$20 000 for each and every vote the party got in 2009 - Way to Go!

While on election: Many people complain about queues at the registration points. This writer has made it a point of observing one specific one (near my place of residence of course) to see how much truth there was in this accusation. During the first few day you couldn' t come near the ECN crowd -.totally overwhelmed. It looked like whole of that part of Windhoek wanted to register on one day-I, wisely, stayed away for the next day or what! Hate crowds!

Now this week was totally different! Every time I got there (after official office hours), there were few if any people at that point. Maybe a bit tongue in check, but I saw many more white compatriots than anybody else! The ECN people were not really busy and the Nampol guy and I had a good chat or two. So, where were the people who complained about tumultuous crowds and not being able to register? Certainly not anywhere nearwhere I was - Looking across the Orange, one can't but help notice that the opposition there is also in complete disarray. The 'Try for Black" attempt by Helen(her face launched no ships) Zillyby making the lady in the funny hat presidential candidate for the DAhas already backfired ... and backfired badly.

Many Agang members are furious that this had been done without their knowledge and/ or approval and threaten to elect a new leader, leaving the lady in the funny hat without a mandate and a party. So, what dis she do? Reversed the whole bank-shoot. No more kissykissy! So Helen and her happy band have still to admit that it was the faux pas of the year and that they will have to look for a new candidate. Hopefully a member of their party this time Whichever way the cookie crumbles: Can' t get much worse and anybody who thought this trickery means more votes is going to be sadly disappointed.

Before I end: I wonder who we could team up from our ragged opposition ranks for a similar coup de Faux? Joseph, the many-party-coloured Kauendenge and Katutiire the nearly-retired Kaura? Or how about Ulenga Ben Ulenga, the COD chief, mated to NUDO's incomparable clown prince of parliament, Kuaima 'Reparations' Riruako. Mazeltov!


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