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Body Unpolitic - Part 30

By Dishonourable Ember
For a long time now the Zombie movies being churned out by Hollywood and all its derivatives somehow struck a familiar chord, but this writer could never quite find out why - until last week when I suddenly realized that our creaky, vociferous and ineffective opposition parties were much like the zombies: Totally without a conscious thought; bloodthirsty for any throat, utterly cannibalistic and spectacularly unsuccessful in whatever they endeavor. They continue to shuffle along aimlessly; make threatening noises; gurgle and spout effluence and ultimately fail to achieve anything worthy of notice.

Food security addresses one of humankind's most fundamental needs - access to a nutritious and adequate diet. It is also seen as a fundamental right, as stated by the UN in its Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The season of goodwill amongst all men and peace amongst all mankind is almost upon us, yet when one looks at the figures below, how can one in good conscience celebrate the holiest of holy festivals without feeling guilty.

A staggering 842 million people around the world still suffer from undernourishment, 98 per cent of whom live in developing countries. Sub-Saharan Africa has the largest concentration of food insecurity of any region, while South Asia has the highest overall number of hungry people, currently an estimated 295 million.

The figures quoted to not include the 300 000 + Namibians who may suffer from droughtrelated problems and thus are also not food secure. Obviously, food security is deeply connected to other development challenges and poor health.

So, let us open our hearts, our purses and wallets this Festive Season to ensure a Merry Christmas is going to be had by all.

AS many seasoned reporter/ journalist may be able to tell you, the exhortation to drive extra carefullyover the festive season and to obey traffic rules is as old as the hills. The very same reports were issued before independence and ever year since.

A cynical journalist would probably keep the press releases of the past few years and only change relevant name - because that is all that ever change: the Names of the persons uttering the dire threats.

More traffic cops on the roads sounds good, but only if they really do their duty and do not hide under the nearest tree and observe the avalanche of vehicles moving to the coast and the northern areas of our country and back again towards the end of the season.

Nobody ever really sees them doing anything proactively - except for sometimes catching a poor soul speeding on a long, empty stretch of road. That is a given. Easy money for the municipal and other coffers. Nobody looks at the old biddy or old coot strictly driving at the speed he intends to drive at without taking into consideration others on the road.

He or she are fully convicted that it is their God-given duty to teach recalcitrant motorists a lesson or two. Never mind the chaos they are causing with the willful, idiosyncratic and idiotic behaviour.

But to come to the point of this: Despite the miles of tape; reams of paper and hours of TV and radio and millions of dollars wasted on useless campaigns and grand but futile slogans, nothing ever really comes of all this. All this affects our motorists less than water off a duck's back.

Until something real and concrete is done about our traffic situation the annual slaughter will continue. Mark my words!


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