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Body Unpolitic

By Dishonourable Ember
So, our Electoral Commission (ECN) has registered a new political party - the Christian Democratic Voice (CDV) - yet another candidate who hopes to make its debut, and impression, in next year's general elections.

Good luck to them. The very best of good luck. The mighty SWAPO party is happy for anotherlet-me-try-too to arise out the mists of the opposition ranks. Another chief and no Indians! The more the merrier!!

Another one to split the opposition cake and their votes once again. One of these days we will have more opposition parties than people to vote for them.

Be that as it may; we have a democracy and they are welcome to tar the way to their doom as they may want to...

These few organisations that fighting against the seal culling are now beyond the pale. Now they malign our tourism industry.

One Pat Dickens - a South Africa who allegedly has quite a long rap sheet of prior convictions with regards to drugs and alcohol, set up a website that criminalised everything Namibia has done and ever will do. Going back a fair number of years, he dragged all crime reports and other salubrious news out of the mud and presents it as brand-new in order to discourage overseas visitors from coming to Namibia. He claims Namibia is a den of crime, bestiality and other iniquities.

Well, his website was shut down pretty quickly through the concerted and combined efforts by Namibians who know the truth. We sort of scored a first in this respect as it was one of the very few time when ALL Namibians, irrespective political and other persuasions, banded together to rid the country of the slimeball and his destructive message. Well Done!

Now talking about animals, I am utter fed-up with dogooders who - as usual - come from somewhere Europe and try and convince us to go vegetarian or even totally vegan. While I appreciate that some people do indeed have a valid reason for avoiding meat, there is simply no way a "carnivorous" country like Namibia can or even will do an about turn in this respect.

The love of meat and meat products is ingrained in our various cultures. Can you imagine a Southern farmer with goats and sheep? Or a farmer from our northern regions without cattle? Just imagine our Ovaherero or Ovawambo without omaere or oshikandela?

Inconceivable ... or feasible only in the warped mind of the 'animal lovers'. Once again they try and swamp us with the euro-centric nonsense and tell us humankind was born to be a herbivore. Haven't they ever looked at our earliest anthropological evidence? And if that is not enough: Even the Bible has everybody happily having a braai and eating meat!

"These are the living things that you may eat among all the animals that are on the earth"; "Eat whatever is sold in the meat market without raising any question on the ground of conscience"; "They shall eat the flesh that night, roasted on the fire".

He or she who wants to take away okapana, our braaivleis, our biltong and our dried wors will sit with a might fight on the hand and here victory is NOT certain!


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Windhoek, Katutura