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Body Unpolitic - Part 29

By Dishonourable Ember
I am really not sure if the RDP has anything to shout about when one looks at the recent scruffy scuffle for leadership positions.

If a political has-been and puppet of a long-dead past like the geriatric Hidipo romps home with a majority of votes I am beginning to have very, very serious doubts about the depth of political maturity, will and potential for the future of party in our country.

This hollow victory showed more than ever the exsanguinity of their leaders and their party. With all three of them - Hidipo, Kandy and Jeremiah - having been weighed and found wanting by SWAPO, they needed a new platform where their tired old bodies, tired old minds and mind sets could be presented as the alpha and the omega of modern political thought.

sThey were searching for a new pedestal where the new ignorant could worship these desiccated fossils.

Far from it! From their utterances it seems what they have to sell sounds more like the first steam trains (you know about 1825 or so) compared to the smooth maglev SWAPO machinery!

So, thank you the 500 or so RPD delegates (probably the largest gathering of RPD members in the country now and forever more!) for yet another blast from the past! At least we know that you will not be a threat for the next millennium.

Ok, now Steytler and his NSA have confirmed that Namibia is a nation of boozers. In the latest iteration of the Namibia Consumer Price Index (NCPI, its is stated that "alcoholic beverages expenditure almost quadrupled from 3.26 basis points in the 1993/94 NCPI weights to 12.59 basis points in the 2009/10 weights". On the other hand, spending on education has tumbled from 7.36 to 3.65 basis points. Not a statistic we can be proud of. Really! Once a bottle of booze become priority and vitally necessary school books for our children are all but forgotten, we have really reached the nadir - rock-bottom!

Where is this nation going? To hell in a handbasket? Just for interest's sake, here is a partial list of pure alcohol consumption among adults (age 15+) in litres per capita per year in selected African countries:

Angola 5.4
Botswana 7..96
DRC 3.3
Ghana 2.97
Kenya 4.14
Malawi 1.74
Mozambique 2.96
Namibia 9.62
Nigeria 12.2
RSA 9.46
Zambia 3.85
Zimbabwe 5.08

These figures are according to the most recent data from the WHO.

I suppose that the following topic will never exhaust itself: ROAD SAFETY. As we near the season of good cheer - and much death on the road - this writer, too, would once again ask all our readers to heed all road signs and obey the traffic rules and regulations. The hackneyed old phrases of 'drive to arrive alive', 'better late than dead', 'drive safely', 'leave sooner, drive slower, live longer' , 'drive with reason this holiday season',and 'stop accidents before they stop you!!' are wonderful to use by campaigners, the authorities and the media, but are singularly ineffective in stopping the annual slaughter on our roads. Let us use the ears we each have for more than to act as instruments to hold our spectacles up!


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura