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Body Unpolitic - Part 28

By Dishonourable Ember
So so! The original KK (yes, the one with the white hanky) is now a Windhoeker(he has an official residence in the capital now) and has a new street named after him. Uhland Street became"Dr Kenneth David Kaunda Street" over the weekend.

With the propensity of our city fathers to use a person' s full names when naming a street after them, I am just very glad we don't have a "Jacobus Willem Francois Pretorius Street", a "Carl-Hermann Gustav Schlettwein", a "Jacob GedleyihlekisaZuma Street", a "Bruno Hans Wilhelm Alfred Adolf Sartorius Von Bach Street" or even a "Nghiningiluandubo Alfred Kashume Street".

Our aim should, perhaps, be to make the name of the street longer than the street itself ... Just BTW: Some 50+ streets in Windhoek have been renamed since independence.

Watching some TV this week and saw that the Congo rebels want to stop shooting with guns and now start shooting off with their mouths (like most politicians do). The accompanying visuals for the reports showed one rebel firing some rounds purely for the fun of it with his machine gun. Assuming that simple 9mm rounds cost anything from US$15 - 20 for 100 - that is N$ 150 - 200 - one stands amazed at the amount of money that is being wasted with these wars. Just imagine how many hungry children in that very same country could be fed with the ammo used for whatever purpose it is used for. On the other hand, the ammo used by the hunters in our country are much more expensive and here one can really say that one could feed a child with what one bullet of, say.30 cal. (.308 dia.), costs.

By the way, the Stockholm International Peace Institute (SIPRI) estimates that the world's military spends in excess of US$1, 738bn per annum on ammunition. One of dailies this week carried in excess of 30 adverts for what the advertisers themselves call "traditional healers,native healers, herbalists, traditional doctors and what have you. Nothing against the paper concerned; an advert is money and money talks.

I am just surprised that government has not called in these most excellent gentlemen and ladies.

They promise jobs (this will relieve the unemployment situation in the country);they promise penis enlargements (because size matters!);they promise to solve financial problems (handy for the coming festive season); they promise you will win court cases (something for the Teko 3); they promise you will win tenders and contracts(our eager beaver youngsters will love this); they promise to find lost money and debt recovery(just the thing for the ACC's Noa) and much, much more!

The intrepid entrepreneurs have just solved all our problems - and that only want N$ 200 for a consultation - and they even deliver. Australia has embarked on making cigarette packets as gruesome as possible to discourage smoking.

Our neighbour SA is contemplating a ban on booze adverts. Horrible, I say! Without the money these two industries pump into sponsorships some sports and other leisure activities will become a poor as church mice.


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