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Body Unpolitic - Part 27

By Dishonourable Ember
Who says we don't take education seriously? It has come to this writer's ears that even the private sector is jumping on the band wagon to educate our people,empower the employees and make them wiser and more knowledgeable.

One of the private sector companiesis now requiring/will now require of its employees to undergo a regular written and marked test on its industrial relation policy and its financials.

The company even makes promotions, salary increases and bonuses dependent on a successful completion of such a test. The employee has to get at least an "A" in order to progress and yes, there are different levels of the tests depending on seniority. The longer you are with the company, the more difficult the questions become. The higher ranks also need to complete these tests. Once this has been implemented for some time we will really the best educated cleaners and servers in the country!

Imagine being able intelligently conversing with the cleaner about a company's ROI, Authorised share capital, Market capitalization, Capital gain, Operating Performance Ratios, Contingent liability, Intangible assets and many others. Now, this makes me wonder if one could not devise a similar set of tests for all in the running for some position in local, regional or national government. Just imagine! Having politician/people in some sort of authority actually knowing and understanding what they are talking about!

One could extend this further to encompass CEOs (especially of parastatals) and PROs so that instead of the normal verbal diarrhea and other verbiage we will get some comments and statements that make sense for a change..

Talking about parastatals and their CEOs: I must say, the MVA's new CEO, Rosalia Martins-Hausiku, impressed this writer/columnist no end when she appeared at a recent accident scene to (genuinely) console the parents/relatives of some of the injured. No, I don't know if this was a pre-arranged PR exercise or whether it was a spontaneousreaction by the CEO. Whichever - it worked! Well Done!

Over the past weeks, the authorities, ministers and others have talked about how dangerous it is to convey workers/employees on the back of lorries and/or bakkies. Usually these poor people are squeezed onto the loading area like sardines in a tin can.

I would love to report that on my normal trip to and from where I work that this has changed and that contractors, employers and other who provided such transport have reacted in a positive and pro-active way.

This has NOT been the case however and I wonder if anybody gives a damn what traffic and other authorities say. I still see trucks carrying workers on the back. I see workers precariously standing or sitting on the backs of bakkies - sometimes even sitting on the edge of the body because the bakkie also carries sundry other material. Do we really need another major accident with hundreds of workers injured or even dead because of the unwillingness by employers to change their ways?

"Pound a poacher" seems to have become a favourite hobby for some members of our farming community. While do know that there are always three sides to any story (your side, my side and the truth), I refuse to believe that this can continue without someone doing something about. Treat the root of the problem - not the symptom!


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