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Body Unpolitic - Part 26

By Dishonourable Ember
So-so; Guess who wants to come to Namibia: The one and only Juju; the real Malema; the one guy in SA who has a solution to every question. Not quite sure if he is on a goodwill tour or fleeing the masses.

With his propensity for grandstanding and verbal exuberance he would make an excellent PR man for someone here in Namibia. Maybe our opposition parties (those that still show sign of life) should get together and hire the firebrand. If anybody can breathe some life into a dead horse it would be Juju! Politics could even be fun again in Namibia.

Water holes in Zimbabwe poisoned. 300 elephants killed for their ivory - not for their meat. A water hole near Outjo poisoned. Some seven oryx killed, cut up, their meat dried ..... and sold.

Poaching in and around our wildlife areas is rampant. The farmers and the authorities seem to be on their last legs. They cannot halt the avalanche of poaching any more. Granted, in our droughtstricken areas much of the meat really is for the sustenance of people who would otherwise starve to death. But in many cases it is still a money-making racket!

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the People Living in Parks (especially Etosha and in the NWR camps) lived in luxury. If one ever ventured towards the staff housing during july/August, one would be absolutely amazed at the mountains of meat hanging up to dry. Obviously, a nice little supplementary income to those who already did as little as possible.

Tales of hundreds of cattle and even small-stock dying of thirst and hunger proliferate in the media. But I still have to see ONE commercial or communal farmers saying he/she is slaughtering or selling part of the herd so that the other can survive. Shouldn't our mindset change? What is better? Being a person who once had large herds of cattle and small-stock and now has next to nothing - practically driven to penury by droughts? Or would it be better to be a person who had large herds of cattle and small-stock .... And has sold a part of that herd, keeping only select animals to ensure a healthy breeding stock when the drought is over?

You decide. It appears that the US of A has not only spied on its own citizens but has spread the tentacles of the NSA to France and Germany as well. I always thought they were "friends" or allies of some sort of another. Funny ally and friend who spies on his own. With friends like that who needs enemies ......

Naturally one starts wondering if the barely hidden CIA operative in the US embassies in our part of the world is listening to what is going on in the corridors of power (and other corridors)? I wouldn't put it past them. They probably knew Gupta was coming to SA even before Zuma did.

I, for one, am glad that Delicious Dillish is using her considerable charms to the full. The Africa media reports she got U$50 000 from the one Nigerian governor and a Rolex watch probably from another. AS usual, the silence in our own, Namibian, media is deafening!. They probably did not even know Dillish wasn't in the country ........


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