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Body Unpolitic - Part 25

By Dishonourable Ember
Just a thought: One still hears lots of people saying "rand" when talking about the price of something in Namibia. And this is (nearly exactly) 20 years after we introduced our own Namibia Dollar. So, the people who are afraid that nobody will remember the old names now that towns in the country are being renamed, need not worry at all. Our children will still remember that !Nami#Nus (in any of its variants) was once upon a time called "Luederitz".

At the time of writing this column, one of our weekly newspapers started publishing interviews and articles conducted with the parents of the young man who shot Axarob Slinger and callously stuffed him and his dogs into an aardvark burrow.

It was another point of view altogether. No sensationalism - just the two sets of people meeting one another under extremely harrowing circumstances. One the one hand the only child of the deceased and, on the other, the parents of the person responsible for the death of that father.

A touch of simple humanity .... Isn't that what true reconciliation is about, too?

I have been watching several vehicles carrying non- Namibian registration plates for the past few years. Yes, YEARS. I meet them every now and then on the streets of Windhoek near where I live and I know the same people are driving the same car. And, no, they are not vehicles from a carhire company!

Question: Should these foreigners not have changed their plates long ago? What makes them so special?

In one of our weeklies I was horrified to read that the ACC is checking up some teachers who allowed learners extra time when writing exams. WOW! This is surely corruption of the highest order - basically tantamount to high treason -and must ruthlessly be eradicated once and for all!

Namibia will never get rid of corruption if it allows learners a bit of extra time to write exams and thus cheat. This is probably one of the most important projects ever tackled by the ACC and, if successfully completed, will lead to the reputation of the organisation reaching ever greater heights.

Golden rice has been touted for more than a decade as a potential cure for vitamin A deficiency (VAD). VAD is a major cause of blindness in children. The rice has had genes implanted that cause the production of beta carotene, which gives the rice its distinctive colour.

Are there some crops that we cannot afford to leave in the lab? Is golden rice all it purports to be? Or is it a trojan horse for GM-tech, as some green groups suggest? UK environment secretary Owen Paterson, for instance,amongst many others, has questioned the morality of delaying the production of genetically modified crops designed to alleviate suffering in the developing world.Equally vociferous has been the anti- GM lobby. The debate has become so heated that neither side is prepared to compromise any more.

Basically it iswhat many would call a foolish policy of better dead than fed. Many will believe that this movement is rampant and even growing, while close to a billion people go hungry every day.


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