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Body Unpolitic - Part 24

By Dishonourable Ember
October has often been called the most beautiful month of the year. I tend to agree.... Spring is busting out all over; the Windhoek Show is over and slowly but surely Windhoek's business world will slip into a Christmas Spirit. Some of the shops already advertise the Christmas special. Never too early for good business!

Coming back to Christmas gifts: On the social pages one regularly met "advertisers" who tell you they have boxes and boxes of mobile phone and tablet and what-have-you to give away. DON'T BELIEVE THEM. It is merely another scam. All they want is your email address and other personal details.

Politically speaking, we are nearing the great shutdown as well. Although one may add that some of our opposition parties are in a permanent comatose condition anyway. It serves absolutely no purpose to, once again, demonstrate just how impotent the RDP has become ..... Everybody knows it and can witness it. The other one-man shows like COD and DTA are also in hibernation.

May they stay there ...... Christmas time is also holiday time and that is unfortunately synonymous with hundreds of accidents and could just as well our annual roadslaughter time. The year's Xupifa Emwenyo campaign is usually started with a great, big fanfare and then it peters out. Can we not have at least ONE year where the accident figures come down ... and come down to such an extent that we can actually cheer some good news.

Anybody who mistakes another human being for a dog; shoot him and the dogs and then superficially "buries" all of them ina sallow hole in the ground does not deserve to be called a 'human being'. Such a brutal, callous act also deserves a far greater punishment than our legal system makes provision for. We can only hope that sanity prevails and the culprit actually appears before a court and is convicted and sentenced to serve a very long time behind bars.

There is no place in our motherland for 'human animals' like this! One week ago a 'professional' hunter kills a desert lion because he did not see the collar! Up north two rhinos were found killed and the horns removed and it appears one was a pregnant cow.

Now, this week, a hunter shoot another pregnant rhino cow because she 'attacked'him. Now, this hunter is by no means a hunter, but common sense that the professionals were not a professional as they are supposed to be. The guy who shot the lion should have been aware that there are desert lions in that area ..... and one does not willy-nilly shoot a desert lion without making very sure that it is not one with a collar ... A protected animal! The other 'professional' should know that rhinos will storm and attack if a person comes too close and poses a clear danger.

It is about time that Namibia - like Botswana - also says that lion, elephant and rhinos can only be shot'when designated as "problem animals".

Trophy hunting in general is good for the wildlife and the country, but we cannot allow a few rotten apples to spoil it for others. Also, Namibians should never allow the love of money and greedy,rich and uncaring so-called 'hunters' to treat our still abundant wildlife like a mess of pottage.


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