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Body Unpolitic - Part 23

By Dishonourable Ember
It is absolutely mind-boggling that sane, reasoning and thinking and elected members of the America government (the Congress) are allowing the country to enter a second day of a shutdown (at the time of writing) simply because some are too thick-headed and have not heard of 'compromise'.

They are literally putting millions of ordinary American into financial insecurity - onto the streets, if you want with thousands of federal employees who make up the backbone of the metro area's workforce ordered not to report to work. Furloughed workers are facing the prospect of an uncertain time without work - and without paychecks -- because of a parliamentary disagreement! Were I an American (heaven forbid!) I would tell them very plainly:

"Stop being so stupid! The bastion of democracy? No way! Rather a cancerous blemish on the face of democracy!

Why are Diesel prices up and petrol stays the same? Because of the insistence of the car manufacturers (in Europe, the US and Jpan) to use the cleanest Diesel possible. To get the excess sulphur out of the Diesel of course costs more .... a lot more.

Add to this that there is currently an oversupply of petrol and the scenario starts making sense.

A bit of help is on the way when SA will start using biodiesel by 2015.

Caesar is oncereputed to have said (according to Shakespeare, at least) "Let me have menabout me that are fat, sleek-headed men and such as sleep a-nights" Looking around Namibia's capital during lunch times or at eateries and watering places in the evenings, his wishes were granted. Better hide them when we appeal for drought aid and food aid because one sees few with that "lean and hungry look" - especially in Windhoek.

Poachers 1 - Conservationists 0!Rhino horn poaching hits new record in South Africa As of the end of September, 704 rhinos had been killed by poachers in South Africa, exceeding the annual record of 668 set in 2012.

If the trend keeps at its current pace, more than 1 000 rhinos would be killed in 2014, putting the species on the brink of a populationdeclinethat could lead to the end of wild rhinos in about a decade. Take heed, comrades! Once they are gone in SA they will come and get ours!!

Sometime I feel like a sort of Rip Van Winkle - you know the guy that slept for a hundred years and then woke up again.... This time it concerns a church atOdibo, the virtual cradle of the cream of our SWAPO leaders. It was ransacked, partly destroyed and attacked by the colonial forces during the liberation war. That was 24 years ago! Now they come and tell the people of Namibia that the church and the office need to be renovated. What did they do over the past 23 years? Twiddle their thumbs?


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