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Body Unpolitic - Part 22

By Dishonourable Ember
Over the past few days, a number of daily and weekly papers have made much of a noise about the peace and tranquility of Namibia as opposed to the violence which all of a sudden struck our Kenyan comrades and compatriots this past weekend.

Our hearts go out to those who lost their lives in this senseless act of terrorism.

But, what nobody bothered to mention is who was, is and always will be responsible for peace and tranquility in the Land of the Brave. Either they did not know or did not bother to tell their readers that it was SWAPO Party of Namibia. Without our party there would have been no peace. Without our basically bending over backwards to accommodate all sectors of our community and opposition parties, Namibia would still be in turmoil It would serve well if everybody acknowledged this huge debt to mighty SWAPO.

SWAPO yesterday, today and tomorrow! Aluta continua!

AS I write this, the first rains of the season have fallen over a large part of Namibia. It harbours well that the rainy season (the so-called little rainy season) has started because parts of the country are suffering from the drought of the century ... well, it IS the worst drought of the past 30 years. These welcome drops of rain are thus very welcome indeed. One just hopes that most if not all parts of the country will be able to savour this relief!

Now is also the time to ensure that the drought aid is distributed well before the roads become impassable and the oshanas are filled. There will always be areas that urgently need aid even if it does rain in the meantime. One does not negate the effects of months of no rain with a few drops. Many farmers have not hade the opportunity to plough their fields and plant their crops. Others have had to decimate their herds of cattle and small-stock because of a lack of water and a lack of feed. Both categories of farmers need aid to bridge the time to when they can harvest their own again.

Currently much of the Western world is going bonkers over the unrelenting killing of elephant and rhino in our region. Deservedly so, too - to a large extent.

But, the middle class of our countries thinks that it impresses our people on the ground, they are so wrong. As long as people in the less affluence sectors of our community do not have enough food to survive and do not know where meal is coming fro, they are not likely to worry too much if the meat they need and want comes from a protected animal or not. It would be rather obvious that they resent the fact that millions of N$ are being spent on these animals while the people of the area are suffering from severe malnutrition. Rightfully they ask who is the more important: a human being or an animal?

They also take due cognizance of the fact that the people who shout and scream about protection of elephants and rhino are well- to over-fed European and Americans who have never suffered a day's hunger and thirst in their lives.

In all our eagerness to protect species for our children and their children to enjoy in their natural we must not lose sight of the fact that people too need to preserved and protected.


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura