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Body Unpolitic

By Dishonourable Ember
That delicious Dillish, winner of some 3 million smackeroos from Big Brother Africa The Chase, deserves each and every cent she got. Why, you ask....... Simply because she and her alleged Kenyan sperm donor made the news headlines over and over again since she gained some celebrity status.

She must have gone through a whole forest of trees and consumed petabytes of Internet bandwidth with the stories, discussions, comments and suggestions for the newspapers and the social media. The fact that she either is or is not searching this sperm donor comes as a bit of a surprise, but, on the other hand, every child would look for his or her natural father.

That this alleged, supposed, purported, so-called, stated, averred, declared, described baby daddy is coming out of the woodwork now that Dillish has amassed a relatively princessly sum, already makes him suspect in my mind. Where was he for the past 22 years when both she and her mother needed him and/or his maintenance payments?

One actually wonders if the object of his then affection - the mother - ever wants to see him again after so many years. Conflicting media reports regarding the delicious one and her revelations about this sperm donor are making the whole issue even more salacious. The one media house accuses the other of not telling it like it is and even her own motheris perjuring herself with very contradictory statements. Well, at least the readers of the various print media will have their fun.

There are some 1,5 million lawyers in the USA, the most litigious country in the world. The rest of the world is catching quickly though. If I could have my life over again, I would most definitely study law. Everybody I know is suing someone or other. Even here in Namibia.It seems like even the most deserving cases before a court fritter away most of the expenses on legal fees. Look, I am not saying that in many cases these legal eagles and their fees are necessary and needed, but with all the suing going around, it does look like they are the only profession basically recession-proof.

It looks very much like the Americans are going to bring "peace" to Syria the same way they brought "peace" to Iraq and Afghanistan. According to the latest news available at the time of writing, the US Senate resolution authorising President Barack Obama to use military force against Syria would bar American ground troops for combat operations and set a deadline for any action. So, it is no longer IF they will go into Syria .... Just a matter of WHEN.

Hopefully one day the Americans will start realising that they are by no means the policemen of the world and also begin to realise that they are no longer the world super power they once used to be. Back on home soil.Next month, following World Tourism Day at the end of this month, Swakopmund will be inundated with about 650 tourism experts from all over the world to attend the Adventure Travel World Summit, held in Africa for the first time ever and we - Namibia - have that honour.

Let us all be in a superfriendly, pro-tourism mode and show those visitors that there is no better place to spend their vacation dollars, pounds and Euros than in Namibia.


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