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Body Unpolitic

By Dishonourable Ember
A comment that hit me hard this weekend when someone said we are becoming so used to reports of rapes and murder that we simply shrug it off as just another one. But SEVEN rapes in one single week should have us all in a total spin!

What happened? How did we, as society, become so uncaring? Doesn' t it unpleasantly touch our deepest humanity when we dismiss the physical rape and actual murder of a young lady who could - perhaps - have given birth to a future teacher, a leader, a pastor or even a minister of prime minister or president?

Don't we care any more? Are our men so sex-starved and so utterly callous that they have to go to such absolute extremes to satisfy theirbase urges? Or is it just another manifestation of the male chauvinistic side of African people in general and Namibian males in particular? Whatever, we as representatives of the country's most popular and biggest party, have an obligation to do something about it. We cannot just wait that the police or other law-enforcement agencies to get the guilty after the fact. We have to prevent the vile act in the first place.

Thus, prevention rather than cure. On the other hand, it is probably safer for the culprits if the police get hold of him first. Were some of our women to get hold of such a swine, he might not come out of it alive or may have had one or two parts of his body removed - forcibly removed!

Together with our mother's milk many of our fine young men were taught to respect, girls, women, the female gender. In some form or another, this was reiterated time and time again in our earliest teachings by our elders, peers and other teachers. Our very culture is imbued with this respect. Why did we forget?

Joke of the week: Professor Doctor HRH KuaimaRiruako preempted at least 5 000 years of history by signing his latest speech in the National Assembly as " President of Namibia"

- What a cheek! Never, ever in your life! At least you brought some belly laughs to people who read it. Our German compatriots have a wonderful saying in this regard. I asked and this is what they told me (and spelled it for me too!) "EinbildungistaucheineBildung" - The dictionary gives a good translation " he is too conceited for words". It is tailor-made for our wannabe!

BenithaNakaambo. Last week this writer went to town a bit on her arrest for DUI. This week I must say that the lady has climbed in my estimation. I still don't like what she does with those kids, but, personally speaking, I must say that her blunt admission of her having been arrested took me totally by surprise - and it was a pleasant surprise. Well done, CdeBenitha! Usually we are favoured with much honesty by those children of the liberation struggle.


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