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Body Unpolitic

By Dishonourable Ember
I am happy that the OATF 2013 is again proving to be huge success. Since its inception in 1999 this jewel of the North has really made giant strides. I, for one, salute the team of that very first Northern Namibian Trade Fair who went all out to prove to the "Boere Mafia" that still swayed the sceptre at the traditional shows and trade fairs around Namibia that we, too, could initiate, organize and establish a prestigious show without their help and/ or meddling.

The proof of the pudding id in the eating and the very fact that for a number of years now the OATF is rivaling the popularity of the creaky old Windhoek Show is ample evidence that the northern areas have the people, the infrastructure and the buying power to maintain such shows in the region. Maybe the time has come for the OATF team to seriously think of a 'King's Hall' for next year.

Unfortunately this year, the timing of the OATF, the commemoration of Ongulumbashe and various other events made the road to the northern areas a drive to hell and back. Thank goodness, sanity prevailed and relatively few accidents happened to spoil the festivities and the solemnity of the long weekend. Whenever I read about yet another financial scam I get goose bumps all over because it seems to me our financial institutions can put out reams and reams of warnings and cautions.

The trouble is, unfortunately, that clients of these institutions still believe that 'when it is too good to be true, it can still be true'. They keep of dreaming about becoming instant millionaires without having done a stitch of work or without even having bought a ticket to the lottery they supposed to have won.Believe it once and for all: NOBODY will give anything away for nothing! There just are no good Samaritans who have selected you (YES, You) as the one and only heir or the person to help them getting untold millions out of supposedly dormant bank account.

Whatever the guise these little 'surprises' come in, they are still a version of the venerable Nigerian 419 scam. These people want to take your money away FROM you and not GIVE you money! Ignore them and move on!

In the same vein: These beautiful young ladies smitten with your good looks and your profile on facebook and anything what they pretend to be. The same as the scam above; they are not interested in you as a person - only in separating you from as much money as quickly as possible. Never reply to them. Once you do that they have their hooks into you and from then on it will be a never-ending story ... with you on the losing end. Do yourself a favour and delete these messages as soon as possible.

I revel in the fact that we now have TWO Golden Girls. One, of course, Johanna Benson, who overcame her physical disabilities to become the first winner of a gold medal for Namibia in either the Olympic or Paralympic Games. The SECOND Golden Girl is, of course, 'Dillish' Matthews who diligently overcame 91 weeks of mind-numbing dross to end up with N$ 3 million as the winner of Big Brother Africa. Congrats on your stamina!


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