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Body Unpolitic

By Dishonourable Ember
It was inevitable, wasn't it? All that noise about the change of name of the former Caprivi Region and the towns! A veritable storm in a tea cup! All the usual complaints and complainants...

In !Nami #Nus (the former Lüderitz), the usual bunch of "Buchters" screamed to high heaven that the government was destroying history - and ignoring the local population in the change.

Be it known to one and all that most of the most vociferous were mainly of one language group only. Even on the hastily drawn-up Facebook page, the names of participants and protesters are resonant with Germanic overtones, while people from other groups are not involved.

23 years after independence and nobody gives a hoot that the names given to what used to be called AngraPequena was given gratuitously and that the original residents of that area were most definitely not asked for an opinion in 1886 when Adolf Lüderitz (on whose behalf Heinrich Volgelsang "bought" the area from Nama chief Joseph Fredericks II in Bethanie) did not return from an expedition to the Orange River in 1886.

The only problems this columnist sees is that tourists may be confused for some time - but even that is not the end of the world IF everyone co-operates properly.

I am not sure whether I should go there, but I have yet to have witness complete consensus from the people thereabout anything that concerns the Zambezi Region (the former Caprivi). So, the moans and groans that issue forth from that quarter are probably no more than a knee-jerk reaction.

And a name like "Schuckmannsburg" should have been changed long ago because it is unpronounceable to 99% of our population anyway! On to the country that all true Namibians can call an "allweather friend" - Zimbabwe.

In all probability, Tsvangirai was hoping for a miracle and thought he could defeat Cde. Mugabe this time.

But as a well-oiled Zanu-PF election machine moved into action, such a possibility became more and more of a mirage. There was simply no way of stopping the ruling party romping away to another well-deserved victory - and, of course, the Wests immediately started complaining about election fraud and all other dire possibilities.

Even after the SADC and the AU had declared the election free and fair and congratulated the country for holding a peaceful election, these noises of dissent from the former colonial master (the UK), the USA, and plethora of the EU countries maintained that old Morgan had been done hard by. I guess it really does take all types.

Had a quiet giggle after US president Obama made all kinds of promises after the socalled NSA furore. Promised heaven and earth, he did!But promises, shmomises! He final message - maybe not all that load and clear but still telling everyone who wanted to listen - Get over it. Except for a few cosmetic changes the snooping will continue unabatedly. One supposes that Obama may be willing to listen HOW it will continue, but most decidedly not WHETHER it will continue.

Hail Amurica!


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