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Body Unpolitic

By Dishonourable Ember
I watched some Sunday evening TV for a change and happened to come upon "The Week that Was". Talking about the privatization of state schools they were. Talking around the bush they were! They were all preaching from the same pulpit.

We work to the principle that all animals are equal and that no animals are more equal than others. Cde. Namwandi has made it crystal glass clear that no alienation or privatisation of government schools will be entertained! Fullstop! Amen!

So, why do the board and staff of a previouslyadvantaged school keep on clamouringto leave the fold and going their own way. That - to many - seems like someone is trying to drag in elitism and extra privileges for already privileged learners by the back-door.

In all probability the end result will be stigmatisation for those unfortunate enough not to be able to afford an additional N$500 per month. And, bet your life on it: Their names WILL be known!

Friends of mine have been avidly following the continuing inanities of Big Brother Africa. Now, is that really entertainment? Listening to the many less than stellar comments by a bunch of immature, mindless, childish and frivolous sexstarved adolescent so-called celebrities is not what I would call suitable fare for our Namibia.

An in-depth discussion of the feeding habits of the lesser great griffin would be more interesting and more educational. Scraping the barrel they are. The great Taxi Strike was nothing more than a damp squib. A total flop and disappointment for all concerned who had to save some face by handing over a petition to Jakes Jacobs of the National Assembly.

So much for proper organisation. Instead of finding a lot of sympathy these few strikers lost their revenue for the days they were dong nothing and had to see their better organized brethren scoop the funds they should have had because -despite some 40% of the taxi industry being on strike - the impact was not felt all that much. What also adds to their failure is the fact that many, many inhabitants expressed themselves favourably about the more disciplined road behaviour by the other taxis and about the sudden improvement in rush hour traffic. In the foot they shot themselves.

KatuutireKaura of the DTA may once have been an active and valuable member of the Constituent Assembly and, at some time, an able politician, but his insistence to again stand as leader of the nearly defunct party for the next election cries to high heaven. Why should the electorate vote for a failure; for a man who dragged the party from 21 seats in the NA to a mere 2 at the last election. Why continue to follow a has-been if there is ample new talent available?

I wonder what Namibia's print media is coming to when the newspaper often called the 'flagship of Namibia journalism' in its heyday is publishing front pages full of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. How the mighty have fallen! Another geriatric who cannot find a final rest and wants to again stand in the next election is the leader of the so-called official opposition. In this case I hesitate to say that there are suitable replacements waiting in the wings. They seem to be singularly devoid of any talent.


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