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Body Unpolitic

By Dishonourable Ember
They think they are above the laws of the country! I am, of course, talking about those unguided missiles of the taxi industry that were on strike this week. Since when are they better than us, the normal Namibian? We have to pay the fines even if we only make a mistake once.

Our driving is not even a hundredth as inconsiderate as that of some of our taxi-driving brothers (and the one or two sisters). Now they want to have the fines reduced because they do not earn all that much. So get off your lazy, self-righteous striking bums, obey all traffic rules and regulations and do what you are supposed to do: deliver a safe, reliable and trustworthy service.

And kudos to those members of NABTA who decided to put service before expediency! You guys are doing a good job! I am always (most often, at least) surprised when the most wonderful initiatives come from the very run-of the mill, common Namibians. Clothing initiatives for the poor; soup kitchensand other things to make the life of those less privileged a little bit happier this winter - and there are many.

Quite obviously, these Samaritans cannot cater for everybody, but what they do is much more than a drop in the ocean - and certainly much more than many of our people with a lot more resources at their disposal. It must be true then that being wealthy makes one stingy. Those of us who do something with limited resources: please carry on - you are doing a marvelous job and maybe - just maybe - your good example will also open the hearts and wallets of others.

Whistleblowers are lower than a snake's belly in the eyes of those who are found wanting. Just what is whistle-blowing though? It is a person who exposes misconduct, alleged dishonest or illegal activity occurring in an organisation.

They are intensely disliked not only in the US of A, but everywhere in the world. Some really appreciate them for the sterling work they do in uncovering illegal activities, but most people work according to the principle: "Don't do as I do; do as I say". Why else would Edward Snowden, for instance, find it so extremely difficult to find asylum?

While the action can work miracles, many a time the company involved, the authorities and even the public care very little about such revelations. No wonder then that few if any people come forward with information. The only people they hurt???? Themselves.

Even here in Namibia, whistleblowers are treated as if they have committed a crime. A great pity, but then - under these circumstances, who wants to be fired and treated as a pariah? It is much easier to keep quiet and keep on collecting a salary to support your family. Very much sort of "I am alright, Jack"!

So so, the British Empire has a new princeling! Are we as Namibians also supposed to cheer this new member of the elite merely because we are a member of the Commonwealth? Not sure about that, but as one is always happy when both mother and baby are hale and hearty after a birth, here are good wishes to this new member of humanity. May he grow up healthy and wise.


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