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Body Unpolitic

By Dishonourable Ember
So, we got a welcome little surprise from Cde Saara Money at the end of last month; sort of an early Christmas present. Nice gesture. Like so many things the pleasure was spoiled by escalating prices all over the show! More for water (if you have water); more for electricity (if you have electricity);

more for refuse removal (if you have refuse removal) and - last but not least - the petrol people also increased the price of fuel .... now even more people will slip across the Angolan border to refuel at less than half the price ... even if it does, as those in the know will have it, there will be some adverse effects on the engine ..., leaving our economy up north even more in tatters. It seems the only people who neither score nor lose are the ones who have nothing anyway.

So the Grand Old Man of (Southern) African Politics, Nelson Mandela, is still around and what his children and their offspring doing? Instead honouring his legacy, the one lot takes the trust to court over some book and picture rights; the other one plays grave robber, digging up Madiba' children to rebury where he want to. Well, he has been stopped.

Whenever I hear of grandiose building plans in a number of places all over Namibia, I am reminded of an insignificant little ex-colleague of mine who left for the flesh pots of America, but blundered a few times and very nearly had a free holiday courtesy of Uncle Sam (the one in America, not our tate Sam). After pottering around a few times with qualifications and things like that, he ended up on our shores again. Texas is big, the USA is bigger, but this guy's ideas are bigger than any death star.

Well, let's be easy on the developers and believe all that say. Time will tell but Martin Luther will not move, Otavi will remain a sleepy village, as will Tses - no billion dollar bonanza for any of them.

As one can notice, all towns in the north (and elsewhere) have cottoned on that trade fairs are a pretty good way to increase awareness of the town and contribute to the town's coffers. One should be careful that this does not become too much. Even the usual cash cows can run out of milk! Before we proceed to our last point for today I would like to misquote Ella Wheeler Wilcox: "To sin by protest, when they should remain silent, makes cowards of men."

'Traitors' are never welcome. I was amused when the super snitch, whistleblower, new Deep Throat,Edward Snowden, dropped his bomb shell that the NSA was spying on everybody - including its own citizens! Really? Reminds me somehow of a conspiracy theory or one of the X-Files.

Now that everybody knows and Snowden had to flee, nobody wants to grant him asylum - not the Chinese, not the Russians, not the Germans, planes get delayed because of him, ... in fact, all of a sudden he has become an outcast and honest-to-goodness pariah - or a modern Quisling! Maybe he should have applied to Zimbabwe; Uncle Bob does not like the Yanks very much .....


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