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Body Unpolitic

By Dishonourable Ember
Gossip always sells well. So, let's start with some gossip from everybody's favourite gossip website on the Internet, Facebook.

Apparently there are TWO SPYL fan pages on the site and, as two opposing sides are won t to, they have their own little internecine war going. Actually totally unwise - in fact, one could go and say unequivocally "stupid". We all preach that we should have unity and we should practice what we preach. Now where is the unity in that? It is not even democracy because if it were, the real SPYL page would make provision for all comers and all opinions. But as long you have young people long on rhetoric and opinion and very short on experience there will be strife.

I often shake my head and shudder to think that someone with such tortured reasoning should one day - perhaps, maybe - become a "leader". God forbid!

Very often these vocal minions also appear under a nom du plume and leave not hint as to where they are from and what they do. Added to this, one often notices (where some desultory information is provided) that these loudmouths are not even resident in Namibia. They are safely ensconced at the fleshpots of some or other country. Of course paid for by the very government whose actions they so vehemently protest against. Real brave, these people are Unfortunately the fragmentation also affects members of the body throughout the country. Who would want to join an organisation run by a loudmouthed minority who silence everyone else and sour relations with fellow members?

The past week or so has sent shivers along the spine of many Africans because tata Mandela - our dear Madiba - is once again in hospital. This time of his PRO, Mac Maharaj, was forced to say that it was serious.

While, obviously, no one will live forever one always hopes that the former president of South Africa, the man who surmounted 27 years of isolation to lead a fragmented and divided rainbow nation to peace, democracy and prosperity, would live a few years longer. Let us all pray to the Deity of our choice to save Madiba for a little bit longer.

Our next topic is a very current and hot issue: The Buffalo Bar in the cattle capital, Gobabis.All serious and sober persons will agree that violence begets violence and neither justice nor peace. The hot heads of Gobabis have stirred up a hornet's nest with their strident demands for "justice". The longer the case takes the more doubts arise to the true sequence of events.

Shouldn't we all agree that justice is best served when we let the wheels of justice turn slowly but thoroughly. As they say: The Truth is Out There. I am, for one, quite prepared to await a verdict in this case - despite the very, very great temptation to condemn the two alleged perpetrators outright. At the moment people on both sides of this particular fence are making a lot of noise, unverified accusations and are busy further souring already tense relations in that town.


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