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Body Unpolitic

By Dishonourable Ember
This columnist is quite convinced that any no-Namibian can get a good and comprehensive overview of the Namibian political situation by just reading the headlines our national dailies and weeklies carried on the SWAPO Party CC.

The Tourism Board merely needs to buy a sufficient quantities of that issue and have them displayed in the regional and international offices... no other advertising is really necessary. Yes, you are right: The very same could also be displayed at our embassies and high commissions around the world.

They say it all - from the fairly conservative to the objective and all the way to the outrageous. They were all there - anchored by a daily on each side with the other somewhere in the middle..

As I am on a fairly regular basis subjected to the morning and afternoon rush hour in our capital city, I have realized that while we are all screaming for better and wider roads; quicker traffic lights and better traffic control, the problem is basically out of our hands.

When Windhoek was conceived and built it was built for somewhere around 80 - 100 000 residents. Nobody, but nobody at all ever thought that our city would ever start splitting at the seams and harbour more than 340 000+ residents. All jostling for a precious piece of the road while squeezing into the city centre.

Now look at the design and lay-out of the city streets - There is no way that the street past the Old Brewery and the Army HQ could be widened ... without pulling down one of the two buildings. Similarly, the piece of Independence Avenue between the City of Windhoek and the Kudu cannot be widened, especially not the piece past Nampost!!.

So, without a shadow of doubt, we can lay the blame fully on the previous dispensation, the colonial regime or whatever you want to call them ... And NOBODY CAN ARGUE!

It's been nearly three months now that we are all back from holiday. Headlines and we screamed that the road toll was intolerable. We petitioned whoever we could petition to: DO something about the hectoliters of innocent blood on our roads. Everybody made a big noise about going all out and improving things for this year. 'Never again,' they all said , would we allow' this slaughter on our roads' .

Then came the end of the holidays and the final figures. We tut-totted some more and started settling into our jobs and the accident and death rate on our roads slowly slid into the background of our conscience. Well, the silence thunders on. Nothing! Nada! Sweet blowall. Nobody has said anything about plans on how to do it differently.

Are we going to wait until crunch time once again? I suppose we can have a bit of a foretaste for the Easter holidays. Maybe then somebody will wake up and we will have some feasible and practical solution before the end of the year - in time to implement before the next round of holiday fatalities is upon us.

That's it again for this week. Here is another hearty invitation of our friends and foes and political compatriots and others to keep on treading the welltrodden path of "what if." I need material for next week for further amusement. Go well!


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura