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By Election for Okahandja Constituency

As the countdown to this month’s by-election in Okahandja Constituency draws near, SWAPO Party is in no doubt about its election victory. Vote for Cde. Steve Biko Booys. VIVA SWAPO, VIVA!!!


2011-01-25, 09:47:20

Posted by Cde kapiye Timotheus

Long live the founding president and father of Namibian nation DR Sam Shafiishuna Nujoma.Long live our Namibian president His excellency CDE Hifikepunye Lukas Pohamba.long live vice president of mighte SWAPO CDE Geigob,long live CDE Pendukeni Ithana,CDE Nangolo Mbumba.viva all Hon governors,Hon councillors,members of diplomatic corps and all SWAPO members and supporters!SWAPO are people and people are SWAPO!!let,s start our SWAPO party meetings all over our country.i thank you

2011-01-21, 08:20:07

Posted by Katusha kaNamibia

Congratulations Comrade Hilma Nikanor and Comrade Theo Diergaardt for their new assignments as Deputy Ministers of Ministry of Veterans Affairs and Land and Resettlement respectively.With your proven ability I have no doubt that you will be successful in your new jobs.May God bless you.Aluta Continua!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2011-01-18, 09:26:33

Posted by Cde Kapiye Timotheus

cdes i want to use this oppotunity on behalf of Okahandja SWAPO party members and supporters to wish a SWAPO businessman CDE DR Aupa Frans Indongo a happy 75 years birthday.tatekulu we wish you many years to come as a Namibian and SWAPO businessman.may GOD bless you and be with you.happy birthday to you Cde Aupa!!!!I am CDE Kapiye at Okahandja.cell 0816104895.i thank you.

2011-01-17, 23:20:41

Posted by cde Kanamutenya,whk

When you hear people talking of chinese in Namibia is like only Chinese are foreign in this countries, however I am still to be convinced what does do as Namibian own in this country? it a shame so tosay bla bla about chinese while putting blank to other foreigners, foreigner all all foreigners in this country therefore we must stop xenophobia with asian, all retailers in this country are all foreigner owned specially by south african or germany, maybe with excemption of wornmanblock, others wise even most of big construction companies are all south african, thus leave chinese alone, these guys are hard working, and I can tell you if you are working with chinese and you are ambitios I think within short time period you gone be able to learn from them and establish your own company, we only wants to be paid huge amount of money instead of huge knowledge

2011-01-14, 07:48:46

Posted by I.H.Hekandjo-Okalongo

Long live SWAPO PARTY OF NAMIBIA, SWAPO is the people and people are SWAPO and in swapo we belive in hard work, in order to make Namibia a better place to every one. Even Gwen Lister still cries Caprive tresson, NBC chat show and The Namibian ban as ussual , lets ignour such habit that how they make money simple reason. she and their cde in arm are fighting day and night to see Africa go deep down, to keep their continental economy for ever better nothing else. Cde and fellow citizen 2011 must a good yaer. i solute you.

2011-01-11, 21:48:37

Posted by Cde. Tariq

5000 chinese families resettled in Namibia? what a joke. I know the media enjoy entertaining such scandals without critically analysing the information provided. I have a few questions to ask those who entertained propagated this particular reveations; 1) What was the motive behind this cable communication? why was the former american ambassador so concerned about the presence/resettlement of chinese families in Namibia? 2) Was there a hidden agenda behind that particular communication? As a nation we must understand China is a big economic threat to the west and that does not sit well with many western countries. So there are countries who are trying hard to discredit china and create animosity between china and her trading partners. Such actions manifest themselves in scandalous engagements such as the ones revealed by wikileaks. It is unfortunate that some Namibians fail to critically analyse the news disseminated by the media.

2011-01-11, 12:46:54

Posted by Alpheus Haufiku

After having been absent for some time due to some other commitments,i would like to thank all the Comrades countrywide for your commitment,courses and dedication to driveforce mission of the developmental agenda of the Swapo Party.Keep it up your support and hardwork is highly acknowledged.Please the new year should be accompanied by hardwork nothing else.Aluta to you all!!!!

2011-01-10, 10:54:20

Posted by Cde kapiye Timotheus

Cdes let,s thank our Namibian police at traffic division for what they have done during the festival season on the road blocks. I was standing one hour at the road block between okahandja and otjiwarongo but i am telling you those police officers they are serious in their duty to avoid overloading, higher speed, driving under the influence of alcohol, driving without driving license etc They are doing this because of SWAPO goverment. please let,s respect our police officers they are doing good things for the Nation. viva all our police offices, viva SWAPO. Cde Kapiye Okahandja.

2011-01-03, 12:56:46

Posted by Ipinge, Ongwediva

WikiLeaks made interesting revelations about former US Ambassandor to Zimbabwe reflect on their "regime change" strategies works, and how it has failed. I am of the opinion that recent "reporting" on a massive Chinese resettlement in Namibia against alleged debt payment failure is just a smokescreen, or cooked lie, to cover up their "bad" for crossing path with their masters in the US, and make everything they said about Zimbabwe looks like a "cooked lie" too. They know that most people in this region will not put up with their "regime change" intentions, and that they would not have followers. It is ironic to fabricate stories to confuse people with what you earlier factually reported on. However, Namibians are fully capable of sifting lies from facts.

2011-01-03, 10:32:34

Posted by Katusha kaNamibia


2010-12-29, 08:51:14

Posted by Cde kapiye Timotheus

CDES what i saw around the town i visted during christmas like Omuthiya,Ondangwa,Ongwediva,Oshakati,Okalongo and Outapi it show that most of residents there are SWAPO party members.before you reach those towns the SWAPO party flags wellcome you already,thanx alot CDES.put SWAPO flag in your house or in your business like Kapya in Ondangwa and new page at Outapi etc,don,t be afraid CDES.i am Cde kapiye at okahandja.happy new year 2011 SWAPO CDES.0816104895.

2010-12-26, 13:39:25

Posted by Cde Kapiye Timotheus

i want to thank you all SWAPO cdes to drived safetly during christmas day.viva SWAPO party!i am cde Kapiye at outapi town.

2010-12-24, 11:09:10

Posted by Abdul Malik, Malaysia

The good Professor, Dr. Joe Diescho and his ilk appear to have practically reduced themselves to intellectual noise-making roles. They do not seem equally eager to serve the Namibian nation from the INSIDE, rather they are ever ready to serve other nations, while ever finding faults with their own nation. Anyway, it is always fascinating to hear from the learned and over-educated fellows. Happy New Year, already! Please, comrades and non-comrades, no 2 Alcohol.

2010-12-23, 10:11:58

Posted by Cde Mayor Masa

Oh Yes, Cde Kanamutenya, I agree with your suggestion that all companies involved in mining, fishing and other potential economic activities in the land of the brave should be leggaly compelled to contribute to the realisation of BIG. Yes, "let them pay tax and contribute to the comunity, there must be a fund where all companies must put money and these money can be utilised or implemented for the BASIC INCOME GRANT(BIG". It is time now that our parliamentarian in consiltation with all stakeholder openly discuss this and other progressive ideas in order to ensure a bright future of our nation. I fully agree and advocate the notion that money is there in the diamond, uranium, fish and agriculture industry which could be used to realise BIG.Viva la revolucion!!!!

2010-12-23, 06:38:02

Posted by Tala

We believe in Swapo. We believe in our leaders that we have voted to represent us. We believe in tate Pohamba and his cabinet of whom we have given the mandate to lead us. Thus, tate Pohamba has our mandate to appoint! We have no doubt about that whasoever! Now we need decentralisation of resources. GRN has done far more than the private sector. We need varsity/poly hostels, schools, sports stadiums, art theatres, recreational centres built in all of our constituencies/regions/towns. These must be built as corporate social responsibilities. Ongopolo/De Beers/LangerHeinrich/Scorpion Zinc/The Namibian/Rossing Uranium/Meatco/Fishing companies/Breweries/GIPF/FNB/Standard bank, DO MORE THAN just paying regulated taxes. Together raise billions, you can and should, for work to help the able-bodies that can build, paint, sing, draw, dance, run, karate, etc work to earn an income. We do not want charity for the able-bodied. We want work to earn an income. Grants are for needy, unable disabled, underaged orphans and pensioners. The rest of unemployed demand opportunities for work. Private sector please help. People already say GRN is bloated. Thus, Private sector, with so much profits totalling over 30 billions, please help us, the unemployed, to construct infrastructure, to display our talents, skills and creativity by creating opportunities to earn a living! If not now, then when?

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