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27th - 28th, November 2009

Presidential and National Assembly Election.


2010-02-19, 11:36:36

Posted by Abdul Malik

The One Eyed Media of The Namibia... and its crew are at it again! Why is the RDP man, Mr. Kamburona with his assasination allegations is treated differently than the Hon. Minister Kaapanda by our so-called intellectuals and free media of Namibia? Once again, they are dead silent! Are some conspiracy theories more "sacred" than others?

2010-02-18, 15:59:58

Posted by Cde Ngalukamo

Update Namibia Today please I thank you,

2010-02-18, 10:35:48

Posted by Henry Homateni Shimutwikeni

With the launch of the independence day aniversary celebrations and logo. One can only think about how amazing it is that a then progressive liberation movement was transformed into a progreesive governing. The steps and progress that the SWAPO party government has made in the past twenty years are commendable. We now have access to many things which were deemed untouchable further. But it is disheartening to know that some individuals are foolish enough to think that despite the the progress of the SWAPO party, they can succeed in misleading the people of Namibia and particularly the youth. As young people we should rally behind the SWAPO and assist in ensuring. The progress is maintained. Let us not be fooled into supporting fly by night, intellectually and finacially bankrupt partys. Cde Booys the youth of Namibia is behind you.

2010-02-18, 09:29:44

Posted by Cde. Steven Axasman

Comrade Alpheus Haufiku, can you share more light on what is happening at Omaheke region?

2010-02-18, 07:25:56

Posted by cde. Villi Kaniita, Windhoek

WAS: non thinker voted for Swapo. NOW: The next Namibian President should be a non-Oshiwambo. Personnally that is an insult! is that democracy? If you are not happy just kale Omwele kiilongo!!!!!

2010-02-18, 01:53:45

Posted by Peter

I think cde Kazenambo,should take it easy.The candidate for SWAPO PARTY should be elected at the congress and not through the media.His letter in the windhoek observer shows that the man is desparate.

2010-02-17, 14:17:11

Posted by Alpheus Haufiku

Cdes especially our Swapo Youth League,why so quite? Iinatukofeni okalyamupombo otava longo.Let us already be prepared for a leadership change especially at Omaheke Region.

2010-02-17, 10:45:26

Posted by Cde. Steven Axasman

i think the opposition leaders especially the ones from RADOPA is loosing it, first they claimed before elections that they will take over Government then they lost in elections and they claimed they were cheated and their Leader went to Europe to cry foul play and now to my amusement they claimed someone is out there to kill them, i mean seriously who would want to kill losers or rather failers...! to what extent is RDP leaders a thread to the mighty SWAPO party...? they have been a complete failure at every attempt they came against the SWAPO Party, in fact they came a distant second. first it was election fraud now assassination, when is this madness going to get an end..!

2010-02-15, 14:53:24

Posted by cde Knamutenya, WHK

I think the issue of succession is clear in our mighty SWAPO Party, at least it is was not wise enough for our respected leader to bring the tribalism syndrome and using news paper, I was wondering why so?. In SWAPO there is democracy people do discuss issues through their sections and then branches and so on... I was reading a news paper and comrades I was surprised to read an article written by a former SWAPO secretary for economics, and that shows how cowards are those who sometimes are embedded within the party color, what make him not to mention all those issue when he was a trusted SWAPO cadre and corrected the mistake if there were any then? Why cry fouls now because okwakaula onyanga, shame on them! Namibian people are matured enough and can not just mislead by those with hidden agendas! I think those who owe the Party must be dealt with without any hesitation, How on earth a returnee like all other suddenly become a millionaire, what kink of job he does to deserve to earn all those if not squandering the party resources, shame and I say shame on them!

2010-02-15, 10:12:50

Posted by CDE FLAVIO

Comrades, Allow me a platform to express my views based on the issue of non-Oshiwambo president currently in the media. I concur with the article written in Windhoek Observer of 15 February by one of the independent thinker on this issue and I think the author is clearly articulate his point. As far as the nomination and election is concerned in our Mighty SWAPO Party and I am talking under correction, the candidate for SWAPO Party should be elected at the congress openly. The candidate should have the quality and trust needed for this highest job on the land as history has taught us that some of the people never had this quality. If Hounourable Kazenambo is a member of the Central Committee of the Mighty Party, then he should know better the right channels and procedures to go by to address his concern of non-Oshiwambo President. I do not think that crying sympathies in the media can really solve his problem. The Public does not choose the candidate but we only vote the right candidate for our mighty party so public outcry does not help either. I think we should not try to disguise in tribal tactics to advance our political ego but we should rather create and support strong institutions with clear policies and guidance, which will pave the way to the inclusivity of the whole nation on the highest job on the land. Please allow me a moment to touch the issue of allocation of the Chinese scholarships which is also form part of the issue, I think we must all concur that the execution of these allocations was a fatal error because there is no justification in it whatsoever. And these are one of the reasons why we need strong institutions. If we really serious with long-term developments of this country and then look at the list of the Bursaries then we should ask ourselves a lot of questions because you need to educate and train the nation as a whole from all angles of the country. Again strong nation can only prosper through strong institutions.Aluta Continua!

2010-02-12, 17:30:12

Posted by I.H.Hekandjo-Okalongo

[We commend the Namibian people, at large, for the confidence and trust they have placed in the SWAPO Party. The high turn out we continue to witness is indicative of what the outcome of the National Assembly and Presidential elections will be like a landslide victory for SWAPO Party.] came 24 February 2010 okahandja by -election, viva Cde Boois. and the opposition party element will continue to copy and paste what ever to your name later,as has been happen and happenig on the name of Cde Hon Shafishuna.

2010-02-12, 10:09:02

Posted by Cde.Katusha KaNamibia(Omutunda GwaMbala)

Dear Comrades,Now the political project of Livius Hamutenya has failed,they resort to oppotunistic tactics.We shall awlways disappoint them come hell or high water.Now, they start fighting over donors money.Some alleged that they are not compensated for their services on the political project of Livius Hamutenya as well as for using their cars to compaign.Comrade.Pohamba and many SWAPO leaders have extended an invitation to all that mislead by Livius Hamutenya to come back home before being disappointed.Gwen Lister make it categorically clear in her Political column that she will never sympathise with them as she expect the mislead people to render their service voluntarily to the political project.Neither Phily yaNangolo will sympathise with them.They should come back home to the SWAPO Family.SWAPO United,SWAPO Victorious,Now Hard Work.Aluta Continua!

2010-02-11, 16:32:54

Posted by Ipinge, Ongwediva

Thanks Cdes for positive comments and constructive suggestions. I think debating in the interest of nation building is the way to go. SWAPO has clear, agrarian, development oriented policies, based on best practices, in place, and if implemented to the letter, it will translate to improvement of the living standard of most of our people in short period of time. However, I am a bit concerned by the trend in the media about a political culture of non-respect for national symbols, national institutions, offices and figures, especially portrayed by opposition parties and their cohorts. I think its time that Namibians are reminded that the Constitution is not a buffet where one picks only what they like or suits them, but to be observed, uphold and obeyed as a whole. The case in point is freedom of expression vs respect for human dignity of others, especially elders and those hold high offices. These very constitutional rights tie us together as a nation and they have to be married and not looked as if one is above the other. About Okahandja, well Mr Booys must be ready for his new job, victory is certain, as depicted by large numbers of people who attended the SWAPO rallies.

2010-02-11, 16:21:39

Posted by CDE FLAVIO

Cdes, I would like to affirm my support to those cdes who are critically inviting the discussion about the national interests. I think a health nation is the one which is engaging in discussing matters of different aspects of life in a more constructive way as cde Kanamutenya has pointed out. We have been asking for this platform from our Might Head office at least to give their inputs on our requests.If we can have a platform with variety of topics relating to education, youth empowerments and others then at least we can make the blogs more attractive. Even though anybody can contribute whatever he/she feels that day, I would appreciate to have something to comment or add value on. Cde Iipinge from Ongwediva and cde Kanamutenya from Whk, your thoughts are in the right direction and that is where we should aim at. SWAPO united, and we must never forget the sacrifice of our ancestors whose blood waters our freedom. VIVA SWAPO, victory is always certain!

2010-02-11, 12:41:15

Posted by Oifiwapo yaMandume

I suggest that the best way to raise funds would be to use the SMS service. The same it is being done for HAITI. Anyway, please SMS Haiti to 2005 to contribute N$5.00 to Haiti.

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