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A Namibian Political Satire


2009-11-19, 15:53:38

Posted by Theofilus Nuutushi

ava mwapukifwa teleleni mang-viva Ndilimani Cultural Troup. Keep on spreading the almighty swapo message.

2009-11-19, 12:56:39

Posted by ETUuyumba

Let us cut RDP`s head off during this coming election! What will Hindipo Hamutenya talk in pariament that he never said before when he was a Minister? Hindipo please accept your defeat by our Swapo party! Mr. Nyamu you are misleading those who beleaved you when you was in swapo.

2009-11-19, 12:19:24

Posted by Cde.Imelda(Keetmanshoop)

Comrades,we are going to finish them off here come 27-28 November 2009.The political project of Livius Hamutenya and Jesay Nyamu Notes will be defeated and humiliated at the ballot box.Therefore my appeal goes to the brothers and sisters,who mislead by the likes of Phil yaNangolo,Livius Hamutenya,Nyamu Notes and Alfrendo Hengari to come back home before to late.Do not vote the losers,vote the winner the Mighty SWAPO Party of Namibia on 27-28 November 2009.Remember that Jesay Nyamu Notes was a Malala pipe in Angola.He is suffering from Jonas Savimbi Syndrome.Comrades,victory is certain!SWAPO United,SWAPO Victorious,Now we shall vote for the SWAPO Party of Namibia on 27-28 November 2009.

2009-11-19, 11:16:54

Posted by E..K.Z.A beijing china


2009-11-19, 05:45:16

Posted by Armas (Malaysia)

As you saw from the results from abroad and the sea, we HAVE already started the process of peacefully defeating the coalition of hypocrites. Finish them off that side. NOngonyo ya SWAPO! Unmentionable ones got zero votes here!

2009-11-18, 17:02:36


NANTU will be having its year end party @the Namibia English Primary School on FRIDAY 20 November 2009 as from 14h00. The Hon. Governor of the Khomas Region Cde Sophia Shaningwa will be the Guest of Honour. All Comrades are invited to the function which will be followed by a BRING AND BRAAI! for further info call Cde D. Katjiuanjo on 0813023024 or CDE E Tutjavi on 0812839891

2009-11-18, 16:18:27

Posted by Isaiah Z. Kavendjii

There is no doubt that the result that has been filtering through from abroad has indicated one irrefutable fact, and that fact is that our mighty SWAPO Party means business. I congratulate all the Comrades who have voted from beyond our borders and to give the Party that essential lead. Your vote is sending a clear message to those who were confused by the false hoods of the architects of a failing project. The message is that come 27 and 28 of November 2009, that project (radopa) will join similar projects that met their natural fate i.e. political obscurity and misery. So, Comrades let us now redouble our efforts in the remaining days to kindly advice those who have been promised milk and honey by people who has failed to provide the same in the past, to see the truth with a view to reject political opportunism for self gain, and vote for true leadership as evidenced by the tried and tested leadership of the mighty SWAPO Party. Viva SWAPO, the struggle continues, Victory is certain.

2009-11-18, 16:06:25

Posted by Cde.Katusha

Dear Comrades,I have been voting for the SWAPO Party of Namibia since 1989.I am proud to continue voting the SWAPO Party of Namibia as the only Party that liberated this country and bring development to the people of Namibia.Thefore my appeal goes to the born frees to emulate the sea-going workers by voting the SWAPO Party of Namibia on 27-28 November 2009 .The sea-going workes gave the SWAPO Party a resouding victory that humiliated the likes of Livius Hamutenya,Gwen Lister,Max Hamata and Hengari.Victory is certain comrades!Those that mislead come back home, do not waste your votes on the losers.Vote the SWAPO Party the Party that always win elections in Namibia.SWAPO United,SWAPO Victorious,Now we shall defeat them come 27-28 November 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009-11-18, 15:39:16

Posted by Cde Ndeshipanda

Shame on RaDoPa, now they are claiming to have a concern that people who voted on the 13 Nov might vote on the 27 & 28 and that those who will vote on the 27 can travell to a different places and vote again on the 28. Why is RaDoPa raising this issue after some result were announced? Have they realise that there is no chance for them or what. To me that is an excuse,and very poor one. if they know that there is no security in place to avoid such situation, thn why dont they go to court since they are good at that. we remain United and will always be. RDP should get REAL and face the truth kutja there is no place for them in this Land of the Brave. Viva SWAPO viva.

2009-11-18, 15:21:15

Posted by Cde Kanamutenya,WHK

Thanks to all who had voted, they have truly shown the maturity, however I think the mighty Party through its government should reshuffle the New York staff; it is disgrace, no wonder who is the head there!!!!!! Come 27-28 we will do it as usually to make sure we have 2/3 majority! Let us defeat them and they must be defeated in all constituencies. Plse cdes when is the star rally here in Windhoek when and where? ..Otwahala Okuuya momangungo. Omapu naaze mumwe Neengongo!!!!!!!

2009-11-18, 15:20:09

Posted by Naboth Uunona

" Radopo zamo mondjila tse tuyendemo" Viva Ondilimani ya Namibia!

2009-11-18, 11:47:23

Posted by Amunjela

Come the 27/28 November 2009, we will witness the last kicks of a dying horse are very vicious and lethal, i am referring to the RDP as the dying horse

2009-11-18, 10:14:27

Posted by Helena Belle Kashima

I was born in swapo,grew up in swapo and I will die in swapo.... People of Namibia I have some piece of advice to you,if you want to live a better life make sure you vote for Swapo,for peace,freedom and stability........VIVA SWAPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009-11-18, 01:02:46

Posted by Tshaanika tshomumati

The leadership of Radopa constantly reveals its hypocritical tendencies. At the Radopa rally at Keetmanshoop recently, Radopa deputy leader Bezuidenhout claimed that no development has taken place in Namibia and that Namibia was worse off compared to the pre-colonial times. Eish! Are they blind? Can they really not see the roads which we have built, the clincis, hospitals, schools, railway lines and many other infrstructure which were not there? Do they think that Namibians are not able to see the development which has taken place? The water and electricity in their villages? The many young Namibians who were sent to school, universities and colleges by the SWAPO Party Government? We will not be fooled by their lies. We will vote correctly come the 27th and 28th November 2009. Voting correctly means voting for the SWAPO Party in the National Assembly elections and for Comrade President Hifikepunye Pohamba in the presidential elections. Swapo, united! Swapo victorious! Now, hardwork!

2009-11-17, 17:25:32

Posted by Kakola ke kullye

New York!! Who is the Head there at UN?? No wonder!!

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