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A Namibian Political Satire


2009-10-16, 20:58:42

Posted by Cde Masanga

I want to congratulate the person who came up with the satire. It is simply the best!!!!!!Viva SWAPO

2009-10-16, 11:57:26

Posted by Cde Kanamutenya

I understand the ECN had revoke the tender for the printing of ballot paper which was awarded to Namprint, I hope they did what they did as an independent body of course, and this show how democracy we are in Namibia, and I hope Namiprint may not waste money in take it to court, that what the opposition wants, they are jealousy with the Mighty SWAPO for having company that make the party stronger! Let us ignore their provocation and continue with our journey, come November Omayoka otaakaza mumwe nomihuya, yo Omapu Taazi mumwe neengongo! SWAPO okwa kiinndja Ongonyo Mombanda!!!!!

2009-10-16, 11:43:51

Posted by Cde Kanamutenya, Windhoek

I once need to be convinced, and I will say this again, why some people in this country like to implicate other? Reading the informante of Thursday 15 October 2009, one wonder why they link former and founding president to the so called kids awarded scholarship by Chinese government, he (The founding father have no kids included in the list yet on front page his name appear why please? Now I came to my sense that this son of Beriberi Hamata who collaborated with the previous white dispensation have a hidden agenda against Cde Nuujoma, otherwise it doesn’t make real sense to link him at all, the stories goes on even further confirming that the editors of the Informante talked the parents of the kids, yet he failed to speak to the alleged kid father which he links to founding father why? Please leave the old man in alone in peace; he had (Cde Nuujoma) done enough to all of us including you Max Hamata. Waapandula no yaka!

2009-10-16, 10:04:52

Posted by Paulus Mekondjo Amaambo (Rundu - Kavango Region)

I shall not worry what they are saying about our SWAPO party. we know that we will make it in November. Those who can not see the development that the SWAPO Government had done are not serious. I wonder what could have happened if Mr. HH could have won the presidential race while he was in SWAPO. what was his plan? what Vision he has? what magic that he is going to use now to implement development project if he fails when he was in SWAPO. he is a not serious. He must just tell the Nation that his ambition is to become the head of state. BUT remeber that leaders are born!!! u can not betray us again! Viva SWAPO

2009-10-16, 02:58:15

Posted by Germina Elungu (North Carolina, USA)

It was sad to read the news about the passing away of Cde. Hendrik Witbooi. Not only was he a wonderful person at heart and spiritual, but also a true patriotic icon among our society especially during the era of the liberation struggle. He is one of those fallen hero’s that revives my mind and makes me never to forget the rich political history of Namibia. Having met Cde. Witbooi on several occasions, I vividly recall his presence as a well collected politician at some of those rallies held in Katutura while I was a young girl of the Katutura-Soweto pioneer group in the mid to late 80’s. At that time he was also an energetic Vice-President of SWAPO. It is my great honor to salute him for the portion he has contributed to Namibia. My condolences go out to his wife, to the entire Witbooi family, to the Nama clan, to the SWAPO party and its members, and to the entire Namibian nation for losing one of our great leaders.

2009-10-16, 02:00:17

Posted by Germina Elungu (North Carolina, USA)

The satire is so hilarious however when you take it on the serious note it is a wake-up call to us members to have a deeper perspective on how the opposition is strategizing to supposedly defeat us in all kinds of ways, etc. But Eish, this is unlikely to happen, shaashi SWAPO okwii upika!

2009-10-16, 01:51:03

Posted by Armas

Political satire! Execellent stuff! Keep the minds working!

2009-10-15, 19:18:13

Posted by Patriot

I like the way the web site is being updated, viva the moderator, viva SWAPO and viva the spotlight. Are there no T shirts written SPOTLIGHT with those wonderful torches smoking the cockroaches out of their hiding caves?

2009-10-15, 19:07:04

Posted by Jackson T Iipinge ( Outapi)

I had a simple question to Hamutenya, that if He could won 2004 election to be the president, will he still say SWAPO is loosing focus? or will he still form up his RADOPA? shame on him. SWAPO will never loose focus ;we always gaining power. What a confused person, Brother come back home SWAPO will remain a house for all NAMIBIAN. AT LAST I WOULD LIKE TO PASS MY CONDOLENCE TO THE FAMILY OF REVEREND WITBOOI, MAY HE REST IN INTERNAL PEACE!!!!!

2009-10-15, 17:24:23

Posted by Helena

The Pioneerpark and Academia Branches(including Cimbebasia) cordially invite all comrades to join us for a combined branch rally on SAT 17 OCTOBER! Lets awaken the suburbs, lets lift the mood, lets hear what our leaders have to say! The rally will be addressed by Cde Paul Smit and Cde Alpheus Muhuea! Come one COME ALL!

2009-10-15, 15:25:37

Posted by Ipinge, Ongwediva

This satire is wonderful, and a true reflection of opposition parties thinking, strategies, emotions, and self-blaming for not playing by the rules. SWAPO and its members, supporter and sympathisers are more than political theories crafted in ivory towers.

2009-10-15, 14:15:03

Posted by Amunjela

The Namibian newspaper as well Phil Ya Nangolo must come out publicly and announce that they are officially campaigning for the RDP, because we know they are RDP supporters.

2009-10-15, 11:41:59

Posted by Amunjela

Please expose the hypocrisy of RDP, NSHR, Globbelar and The Namibian - aantu mbono na ya nekwe pomutenya.

2009-10-15, 11:39:14

Posted by Amunjela

This is very insightful.Please publish the political satire in Namibia Today and Newera where those that do not have access to the internet can access it.

2009-10-15, 08:48:06

Posted by Matisa Xoagub

this is a quality satire, giving a correct insight into how the sick minds of hidipo, nyamu, grobler, ya nangoloh, and other project leaders think. i suggest that this must be printed in full also in Namibia Today, so that our comrades in the regions can also read it, those w/o internet. Shame on the pathologicals liars ya nangoloh, grobler and hidipo.

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