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2009-10-14, 10:07:07

Posted by Cde Kanamutenya

Reading some sms in the Namibian newspaper one wonder if those are writen by public or by news desk editors? I had posted many sms and nevr been published, yet they want to claim that they "Still Telling It Like It Is" not true, On 12/10/2009 page 39 they mislead information that Abedi Pele was to fly to Ongwediva airport with AFCON Cup, for heavan sake there is no airport at Ongwediva rather at Ondangwa. Is this (Still Telling It Like It Is)? Shame !

2009-10-14, 09:57:33

Posted by Cde Kanamutenya

Comrade Hendrick WitBooi "vululukwa nombili" Rest in Peace.

2009-10-13, 19:50:23

Posted by SFK

Cde Kanamutenya you are 100% right... the great man of this country has done a lot. He is incomparample and I am sure if he had the opportunity to lead an indipendent Namibia much earlier in his life we could be the much far then where we are now. When he took over as the president he was 61 what if he had that opportunity 35 years old. We could be much far. Comments welcome!!!

2009-10-13, 18:22:23

Posted by Tala

To the Witbooi family, Swapo family and the entire Namibian nation, one of us, a great member that he was, is no more! Our bishop, our captain, our liberation veteran has gone to rest. May Comrade Hendrik Witbooi rest in peace!

2009-10-13, 16:36:35

Posted by Cde Kanamutenya

It is true that those who failed this country will be remembered as such failures no doubt about that, the PiDICO, the DBC, the Ramatex…..to mention but few, And those comrades who contributed positively and meaningfully history will absorb them, people like Cde tatekulu Nuujoma is incomparable to none in this continent, during the hardship as well after independence. The generation and generations will enjoy the fruits of his hardship, and I can give an example of plantation of Marura and other fruits trees in Ombuga 9Oshana region) they are there to be witness, it was through this son of the soil heroism and patriotism of cde S.S.Nuujoma and his talent will be inherit anted by generation and generation to come. One Namibia One Nation!!!

2009-10-13, 15:48:32

Posted by oiver antonio joseph(1990 student at polytechnic)

Coming to the isssue of struggle kids, i think these people they need some additional information in terms of employment.how could they reject 2million? they should know that they are illiterate and to get a proper job it require qualification and experience.we are in recession and it wilL be problem if we happen to be in recession for 3 years.please those who are close to these kids, tell them that government is saving the little they have to suipport the country in financial problems but not to spend on them.they should just admit what they are given and wait as we students patient for good things.

2009-10-13, 15:38:15

Posted by Nahas Shiindi

MUCH HAVE BEEN SAID!Come 27 and 28 november,2009 we will shut all the opposition parties with a cross oh just a cross on a piece of paper.take your own sharpened pencil,just in case you don,t find one in the voting box and make sure you put that X were it belong.

2009-10-13, 08:10:07

Posted by Amunjela

Despite baseless accussations by The Namibian,NSHR,HH against the Founding President and SWAPO-i can assure you now come November we will show them that SWAPO is a giant that is on a different planet and it has no comparison. oSWAPO oya kindja

2009-10-12, 20:12:15

Posted by SFK

This country only need SWAPO and most of the SWAPO cadres that has served this nation collectively have created a legacy that no other party has done. People like HH and his cohorts had many opportunities to contribute to this country but we especially the young people cannot even see any tangible development that they have brought top this country. The Ramatex and some other failed projects are examples of what they offered this. The question is that do we need yet another failure? Surely Not!!! Tk Sam Nujoma with other many true SWAPO leaders has created many opportunities for this country and surely will always be remembered for these great sacrifices. Similarly, those who have failed will also be remembered for their failure.

2009-10-12, 09:08:05

Posted by Amunjela

RDP is crying foul-play and wants everyone to sympatise with them because they know one thing for sure that SWAPO will put them in the dustbins of history come November. SWAPO UNITED, SWAPO VICTORIOUS, ALUTA CONTINUA. ngu wu vite uudhingu pona ashike okambi

2009-10-12, 08:31:17

Posted by thomas titus

the bornfrees ahve the swapo blood in their veins as for those who are telling people that the bornfrees are swapo members think again.the wisdom has been passed on for many years and it will remain the same.as Hidido hamutenya lyieng to the people that he will brieng change by giving free education swapo party goverment has done school is free we dont pay the teachers or lectures they are payed by our goverment what are talking about. to the bornfrees (kaxuxena hadela nyoko ,nyoko nale ekuhadele) ongoyo mombada for life.

2009-10-10, 07:48:32

Posted by Patriot

There are various pointers towards a concerted political onslaught that is being waged against the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) and its conduct of the electoral process thus far. Evidence is available to show that one or more of these parties(opposition) have perfected a strategy to challenge the results of the November elections when all is done. The Aminuis envelope debacle and the way the saga has played itself out is no isolated incident. Clearly, there is no doubt in the minds of these parties about the winner of the elections in November. The parties also know too well that they cannot, by any stretch of imagination, hope to pluck victory out of the jaws of the winning party. Their game plan therefore is to sow doubt, suspicion and mistrust in the minds of Namibians and the world about the conduct and outcome of the electoral process. Instead of appealing for votes, these parties are appealing to the emotions of the people. They are presenting themselves as victims of the ruling party in order to gain sympathy from the voters. ----excerpt from newera newspaper-

2009-10-09, 16:03:46

Posted by Tweyakweya

Comrade read the Namibia Today 09-10 October 2009 and see how Cde P. Haindongo has put Hidipo where is rightfully belongs.

2009-10-09, 14:37:11

Posted by Cde Mekondjo Megameno

No where in the world have i seen journalists writing about incidents, referring to hear_say evidence, pure insults in a paper, like those that Gwen made/authorised about Cde Peter Ilonga under a Pseudo name in her paper? Jonatan Snake on NWR (hear_say), Briggite Something something, Max and Gwen_the_List goes on. Remember we are watching you and we are also educated, the day will come when we shape a proper media code of conduct. You cry foul about Media freedom daily, to insult our leaders and tarnish the image of our country with unethical conducts and crap scripts...

2009-10-09, 14:36:42

Posted by Cde Mekondjo Megameno

And just a reminder we are collecting publications on election reports too,if you want to be biased do it in a more dignified manner, NOT destructive reporting just for the sake of reporting. As for Mr Media Ombudsman, we know who you are too, so be true to the nation and not a Pinocchio.

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