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Buying a subversive Newpaper is supporting it

The attitude of the editor of the Namibian newspaper Ms. Gwen Lister has been anti- SWAPO PARTY and Anti-Namibia. Ever since her newspaper got on the website,every article on the front page of that newspaper portrays negative issues towards SWAPO PARTY, Namibia or SWAPO PARTY leaders. The world opinion is being negatively influenced and poisoned against our country, our party and our leaders.Why buying her newspaper? SWAPO PARTY members form the bulk of the buyers of this paper. If you are a


2009-09-28, 08:51:27

Posted by CDE. EDDY


2009-09-28, 08:48:34

Posted by Hindjou (Okakarara)

I think for Misa regional director Kaitira Kandjii to call on govt to lift the ban on the namibian newspaper exposes his degree of naivety. Mr Kandjii I know you ought to be loyal to your bosses but why not investing that energy in joining us to request war reparation from the Germans for having murdered our ancestors, rather than your petty advocacy on behalf of soon to be abandoned MISA? Are you not rented?

2009-09-25, 13:23:32

Posted by Brigitte Fredericks SPYL member Luderitz

Yes SWAPO has done it, is doing it and will do it again, To all my fellow sympathizers, supporters and members of the Mighty SWAPO party lets unite and stand firm while others are wavering in this critical time, because we know where we are coming from and where we want to be. SWAPO have prooved that we dont set goals by what others deemed important, but in the best interest of OUR people. Lets make sure to have our manisfeso for 2009, dont let opposition projects mislead you, if they come to you with any promise SHOW them what SWAPO has done already. If they find it hard to see the development SWAPO has brought to Namibia tell them to try to taste or smell the develoment which SWAPO and only SWAPO can bring. Aluta Continue

2009-09-24, 13:17:40

Posted by Kornelia Kashimbi Kondja (member of DEC - SPYL Luderitz District)

We have done it before and we will do it AGIAN.VIVA SWAPO.

2009-09-24, 07:57:34

Posted by Cde Stephen Iimbili (Ongwediva)

Cdes:I am Looking for CD (Omalatie yoSwapo)played by Gazza, Dogg and others during 2004 campain. Any1 with information on where to get a copy. contact me at ndeshipanda@web.com.na. Thank you and Viva SWAPO viva. nande vapopye we here to develop this country.

2009-09-22, 20:47:16

Posted by Mutango, Windhoek

Hidipo Hamutenya of RDP in a speech delivered at a copycat electoral college held in Windhoek recently called on “our friends in the media”, the human rights organization and the churches to stand together with RDP in rejecting “violence” this is a reference to SWAPO Party. This call did not leave much to the imagination because it is clear that Briggite Weidlich and Jonathan Cobra formerly at the late Hans Smitie’s Windhoek Observer are Hidipo Hamutenya’s representative leading friends in the media. On his part Phil yaNangoloh is the representative No.1 in the human rights organization. Dr. Abisai Sheejavali is Hidipo Hamutenya’s representative in the churches. Cde Mekondjo Megameno is right to say that in the entire 72 List there only Two Caprivians, Zero Tswana, Two Namas, Zero Kavangos, Zero Himbas, yet Briggite Weidlich, Jonathan Cobra and Phil yaNangoloh RDP list is inclusive. This is proof that The Namibian newspaper in providing platform for Briggite Weidlich and Jonathan Cobra it is siding openly with RDP.

2009-09-22, 13:59:00

Posted by Michael

Dear Comarde I was amuzed thought not suprised by RADOPA Project Administrator: Mr. Hamutenya asking for their friends to support them during the elections campaign at the end of their so-called electoral college last weekend. Their friends are apparently the medias and human rights organisations. Simply put, the namibian (represented by Cobra & Lister) and NSHR (represented by ya nangoloh and his cohorts). my questions since when do media and Hr organisation part take in political campaign? this is just confirming my believe and that of many that NSHR and the Namibian are de facto RDP wings, just like the youth and women wings.

2009-09-22, 02:13:27

Posted by Comrade Adolf

Thank you SWAPO-comrades for showing what great fighters for freedom of speech and the right to different opinions you are!

2009-09-21, 16:50:43

Posted by Cde. B T Nalie

This defactors will die frustrated wracks of their former selves, including imperialists from "the Namibian Newspaper" and the "Human rights provocaters" of Ya nongolos. Why? Simply because us SWAPO are on another level and they cannot take it. The SWAPO family is pumping and the imperialists can feel the vibe. Viva Tatekulu Founding father, Viva Comrade President Pohamba and Viiiiva SWAPO family!!!

2009-09-21, 10:19:29

Posted by Cde Mekondjo Megameno

The radopa LITMUS TEST over the weekend brought a lot of disappointments for many. A true reflection of tribal politicking, in my view. Up to 72 only 2 Caprivian, 0 Tswana, 2 Namas, 0 Kavango, 0 Himba, 0 and a lot of the Ha..... surnames. Now as usual hidipico used many, knowing very well he can only get a maximum of 7seats. The libbolies, Kanimmmes,Mbanguls, Amupolo_vas, Mangnuus van der Bees, Hendjalao, hinamuami, ksukunguShapu,Festusshanahole,maleagiilongee, Shailemu and others are wat one can call used and reused materias tht could not make it from the litmus test. What now fo them? Interesting enough is MikaelKavekuturua and the role he played in the transnamib saga as well as his relationship to hell-moet van Oggend. Mnr van Oggend, it says a lot about you, LammeckMr,hidipico, toskanini and transnamib. Here Cde Pohamba, i plead with you to never bring back this mca man in parliament, not even thru the last 6names of backbenchers. Thelectoral college was clear on its message and his mca, namibtrans toscanini collaborations says a lot as for johannes grond_LOL_bbler esiku ta li ya shito uuna eke lya Kalunga ta li zipo pungoye ndee Satana ta kulupilepo... SWAPO UNITED, SWAPO Victorious, NOW HARD WORK...

2009-09-20, 14:03:49

Posted by Cde. C Nd Nambahu

Comrades, I salute you all in the spirit of forward ever and back ward never. We all know that when it comes to certain individuals, anything SWAPO does will never be good enough. This are the same people who were never our friends and probably never will.This enemies of our country fought aginst the liberation of Namibia along the notorious kovoet which committed atrocities to our people. Today they continoue to fight against the economic emuncipation of our beloved country. They preach democracy during the day and at night they work tireless to plot all the evil deeds one can imagine. This are the same people who claim to be human rights activities, investigative journalists and all sort of fake self given titles. We all know what their agenda is and they should be warned that we will never ever allow our hard won independence to be spoiled. Viva the founding father, President Pohamba, Viva all the dedicated leadership of the SWAPO party.

2009-09-19, 15:38:02

Posted by Ndumba, Arandis

I have never been so dissappointed in The Namibian newspaper until I read the rubbish John Grobler wrote in it yesterday (Friday 18 September 2009). This explains why CNN and MISA gave him awards, it shows that these institutions reward failed and racist journalists like Jonathan Cobra. Shame on you Gwen Lister, it shows your interest liesL in RDP and Europe!

2009-09-18, 23:38:40

Posted by Tala

Taxi drivers this year protested against affixation of a taxi sign to the roof of the vehicles. The Namibian newspaper on Friday, 31 July had this to say: "Taxi Industry Must Toe The Line", THERE is a clear need for the regulation of taxis in the public interest", "Namibia does not have to reinvent the wheel when it looks at the regulation of this industry, for it is something that happens in most countries of the world", "We believe that if the law requires such signs, then this must be adhered to by the owners of taxis, for it is both in their own interests as well as those of commuters. "There are those who would argue that it is costly to paint and affix signs, but it must be remembered that taxis are a business, and as such, should be expected to comply with regulations or forfeit their licence to transport members of the public who pay for the service." These same arguments must be clear to Ms Gwen & co. who opposes the interception clause in the Communication Bill!

2009-09-18, 22:40:00

Posted by SFK

SWAPO of Namibia will always be united...and as the line goes "One Namibia One Nation". SWAPO is for all Namibians and all Namibians are SWAPOs. SWAPO the Only authentic Party that We Trust or one can say a political "Home" For All Namibians. Nice weekend to all peace loving jingoistic Namibians.

2009-09-18, 22:29:17

Posted by Cde. Sacky

"During the bitter and glorious liberation struggle, we rightly predicted that “when the history of a free and independent Namibia is written one day, SWAPO will go down as having stood firm, where others have wavered, that it sacrificed for the sacred cause of liberation, where others have compromised.” Today we are armed with the same fortitude, hope and determination to free ourselves from the shackles of hunger, disease, ignorance and poverty. Our forefathers and martyrs of the land of the brave have sacrificed in order for Namibia to be independent, sovereign and free. We therefore re-commit ourselves to work as hard as possible in order to fulfill these ideals. We have transformed from a vanguard liberation movement to a seasoned political Party with the ability, focus and human capital to responsibly manage change and accommodate new ideas. The SWAPO Party will, through hard work, continue to facilitate hope and opportunities for ALL Namibians." By Dr.Abraham Iyambo (Chairman of the SWAPO PARTY Think Tank)

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