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SWAPO is wishing all Comrades a happy festival season

SWAPO is wishing all Comrades a happy festival season


2018-10-29, 17:07:41

Posted by Immanuel Gabes, Oshakati

Maybe the Omusati Regional Council or the Tsandi Town Council need to find a suitable date during the year to ensure that it is not closer or within the rainy season, the disaster that took place was not cool.

2018-07-24, 18:32:14

Posted by Samuel Errasy

RIP Comrade Dr Gurirab

2018-07-24, 18:30:42

Posted by Dr Hage G. Geingob

Dr. Stergomena Lawrence Tax, SADC Executive Secretary pays a courtesy call on President Dr. Hage Geingob, to brief the President on the SADC Summit to be held in Windhoek next month. President Geingob and Dr. Tax expressed satisfaction with the preparations for the Summit.

2018-05-14, 11:23:09

Posted by Dr Hage G. Geingob

On World Press Day, I reiterate my support for the 1991 Windhoek Declaration and call for “an independent and pluralistic media”. The media as a Fourth Estate is a vital organ of our democratic life. A Free Press must live up to its Code of Ethics and Conduct. #PressFreedomDay

2018-05-14, 11:19:41

Posted by Dr Hage G. Geingob

Comrade Nujoma, an indomitable Pan-Africanist and revolutionary par excellence is an emblem of our liberation struggle, and his contributions to the freedom of the oppressed extend beyond our borders. His deep footprints in the making of our history, and re-shaping of our region, alongside travelling companions, including the venerable Oliver Reginald Tambo make him a natural and worthy recipient of the Award of the Order of the Companions of O.R Tambo Gold. Additionally, it is testimony to his selfless personal sacrifices as a freedom fighter, but an award he will accept on behalf of the Namibian people to whom he has demonstrated love and commitment. It is a proud moment for Namibians when one of the best among their fold is elevated by the sister people of the Republic of South Africa to the Order of the Companions of O.R Tambo Gold.

2018-02-09, 16:02:31

Posted by www.swapoparty.org

- Minister of Presidential Affairs: Hon. Immanuel Ngatjizeko;
- Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration: Hon. Frans Kapofi;
- Minister of Mines and Energy: Hon. Tom Alweendo;
- Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry: Hon. Alpheus !Naruseb;
- Attorney-General: Hon. Albert Kawana;
- Minister of Justice: Hon. Sackeus Shanghala;
- Minister of Works and Transport: Hon. John Mutorwa;
- Minister of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development: Hon. Tjekero Tweya;
- Director General of the National Planning Commission and Minister of Economic Planning: Hon. Obeth Kandjoze; - Minister of Information and Communication Technology: Hon. Stanley Simataa;
- Minister of Urban and Rural Development: Hon. Peya Mushelenga; and
- Minister of Sport, Youth and National Service: Hon. Erastus Utoni.

2018-02-05, 09:30:22

Posted by Taatai Shilumbu

With Unity we can acheive all our targeted objectives. long live SWAPO Party of Namibia long live

2017-12-15, 10:48:56

Posted by SWAPO Party

The SWAPO Party would like to wish all Comrades, Supporters and Sympathisers a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year.

2017-11-27, 10:20:41

Posted by Samuel Agusto

Cde President and your team, we are waiting on your good leadership and vision to take us to prosperity. We continue praying for our lord to continue blessing you. Salute Cde President

2017-11-27, 10:17:45

Posted by Dickson

Finally the congress is done. Let us all unite and move our country forward, we are all SWAPO at the end of the day. Congratulations to the winners. VIVA SWAPO VIVA

2017-11-14, 20:33:03


We need to be truthful to each other and be honest to ourselves. 1. Saying Comrade Dr Hage Geingob have messed up the economy/finances of the country in almost 30 months sounds so irrelevant and unprofessional. 2. By-passing the party constitution sounds relevant but I am of the opinion that Swapo Party cannot be a 1 man or 2 men show as it is being portrayed by some of the comrades. What is going on right now what is being said by those who are de-campaigning against Dr Hage Geingob and his well picked slate shows know respect and sounds so clear that nobody is being or feel threatened. Why are they not speaking out loud against the by passing or trampling upon the constitution, as much as they are speaking during the on going campaigning/de-campaigning process. These is what I personally want the delegates to understand and familiarise themselves with; - SWAPO PARTY to BUILD on the CONTINUATION of the LEGACY. - SWAPO PARTY to BUILD on the PARTY CULTURE and TRADITION. - Let us learn from the BEST PRACTICES, where others are doing so well INTERNATIONALLY, imagine the way the COMMUNIST PARTY of China is grooming its leadership. - Imagine how well CHINA is doing on the GLOBAL ECONOMY. - We need to understand that Namibia is still learning. - LET us stick to ONE CENTRE of POWER. - Therefore, DEMOCRATICALLY, we need GUIDANCE (GUIDED DEMOCRACY) The FOUNDING FATHER (Nujoma) GUIDED us,the FORMER PRESIDENT (Pohamba) GUIDED us. - Let us allow YOURS TRULY, the CHOSEN ONE Dr HAGE GEINGOB to GUIDE us. - In the world we live in LEADERSHIP QUALITIES are so scares, therefore let us stick to those that were GROOMED GUIDED and CHOSEN by the BEST QUALITY LEADERSHIP we HAD.

2017-11-14, 14:57:23

Posted by Cde: Elvin ARON

I want to encourage all SWAPO Members and Supports to be behind of our Comrade President Dr. Hage G. GEINGOB, let him and his referrer to win coming Congress, please vakwetu, We need peace, unity and stability in this Country.

2017-10-24, 12:05:09

Posted by Cde Panduleni

The mighty mother party is about to be tested for once in very long time, its important to remain united and uphold the values preserved by our founding fathers.

2017-10-20, 10:46:13

Posted by Leonard

We are fully rallying behind the President. We wish you all the best at the coming congress. One Namibia One Nation

2017-10-20, 10:45:07

Posted by Keetmashoop

We L❤ve Swapo

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