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Election vedict!!

RDP knocked down - Supreme Court dismisses poll challenge


2012-11-30, 12:48:49

Posted by junias t.

vote for a person who is capable not becau se h e is from a certain tribe.

2012-11-14, 11:53:57

Posted by CDE Lukas Kuutondokwa

Dr Nujoma is a genius.....wow, that's a gr8 article there i must say. Very inlightening indeed!! Viva the SWAPO party presidential hopefuls we can only hope at this point that their loyalty to the swapo party will be a living testiment after the congress. As for me, I youth league member.....I would just like to say this.We in the youth league suport our candidate all the way. 4ward cde Ekandjo 4ward eva. Thank u for lightening up th omusati region cde leadership. Viva the youth league agenda viva!! As it can only manifest itself in its honorary member(former youth league leader) CDE JERRY EKANDJO. "At this point I would ask Ndilimany to help me out with the parade....volume two,a welknown track..... “Jerry Jerry, Jerry Ekandjo tu nanena kom’kutukilo (Jerry Ekandjo, take us to the finish line).”

2012-10-31, 14:35:14

Posted by Mustaf Alsaedy >>>from egypt

WE LOVE NAMIBIA viva the free namibia from egypt With love god bless all the brothers (namibian)people thank you

2012-10-31, 09:14:52

Posted by Setson Amagulu

We support all the candidates nominated for the Vice President position, Secretary General and Deputy Secretary. Let the best candidates win and we all shall support them. Viva Unity in our Great mighty party...

2012-10-31, 09:13:13

Posted by Cde. Youth

We praise the lord for protecting our leaders when travelling, Cde Ekandjo is here to stay!!

2012-10-31, 09:10:28

Posted by Cde Kanamutenya, whk

It is plausible that SPYL had nominated candidates for the up coming congress! Youth empowerment and woman representations had been emphasized for years. Is it that the youth have no trust on themselves? Is there no other youth been trusted to fill the gap? Is there 50 vs. 50 representation? Remember the future depends on you and is time that you take a right decision!

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