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2012-10-22, 14:28:01

Posted by Martin Tuhafeni Mwaetako - Outapi, Omusati Region

The Mighty SWAPO Party demonstrates time and again, its capacity to intensify and broaden the democratic scope.The just ended CC meeting is a clear evidence to that effect. As usual there is a geater sense of inclusiveness and oneness amongst our cadres. We, ordinary members and supporters of Namibia's only tested democratic organisation are looking onto our representatives at the Congress to make wise choices as we aspire to find our competent future leaders at the helm of the Party, and that of the the Land of the Braves. I wish all the comrades whom trust is bestowed upon the best of luck. Let the deserving candidates win. Aluta continua!

2012-10-16, 09:24:23

Posted by Cde Kanamutenya, whk

The construction of new roads in the North is worrisome. I for one traveled to Omungwelume and I was just shocked to see the state of the tarred road from Oshakati to Omungwelume, May be I should ask what is the life span of any constructed new road? The other thing is the bridges built across the main Oshanas/plains, I had visited the sites of roads from Oshikuku to Etayi constituency and Outapi to Okapalelona and I had asked my self a question is real those bridges big enough to cater for those Oshanas water flows? Why the previous Bridges were of such quality. Compare bridges from Oshakati to Outapi and look those I had just mentioned that are currently under construction, I think you will be wondering, comrades we must do quality to serve our desires for our people.

2012-10-16, 08:50:59

Posted by Cde Kanamutenya, whk

It is plausible that SPYL had nominated candidates for the up coming congress! Youth empowerment and woman representations had been emphasized for years. Is it that the youth have no trust on themselves? Is there no other youth been trusted to fill the gap? Is there 50 vs. 50 representation? Remember the future depends on you and is time that you take a right decision!

2012-10-03, 15:20:59

Posted by Cde.Tshanangombe

Dear Comrades,I really think that the remedy at our SOEs mismanagement and unprofessional conducts will be the advertising of the positions of board members which will enables people with expertise to be appointed as board members,as well as to recruit able CEOs to lead the SOEs.By advertising the positions of board members will attract people that will be able to add value to the SOEs,unlike this situation,where people are being appointed based on friendship and comrades.Transnamib has been always in the media for the wrong reasons.I cannot undestand why the Minister cannot fire the board members once and for all.Stability is need at Transnamib,however the current board members are not able to provide leadership for the company to prosper.Comrade Minister of Works and Transportation, please fire all the board members today!Aluta Continua...

2012-10-02, 18:38:02

Posted by Cde Lukas Kuutondokwa

Cdes, let me echo the words of cde Laina Shapange that we do not serve the interests of individuals but those of the youth league and the party at large,so if you advocating for some ethics and excluding others,,,I think you dont belong in SWAPO, pack and go,,,but let me remind you, SWAPO is the political home of all success-aspiring citizens, the rest is just political mishap... Viva my mighty youth league. lastly.. CDE H. Pohamba, I think a reshuffle will do at your respective hous of ministers,coz we don't need people who fail to implement but are the first to attack our youth league's decissions....they are were they are because of the youth league and not a miracle.. H.E, please call them to order. I love the statement by the erongo regional secretary, keep up our cde,don't ever let anything make you waver!!!!

2012-10-02, 16:06:14

Posted by Cde.Katusha kaNamibia

Good day Comrades,the Chairman of Transnamib Board and the entire Board members should be relieved from their duties with immediate effect. They caused more harm to the Namibian economy through mismanagement and unprocedures conduct. The Minister of Works and Transport through Cabinet should fire them without further delays. They should Go!Aluta Continua...

2012-09-21, 13:44:21

Posted by Pathia Makina Phiri

Dear Sir,Madam,am a female and my father is a Namibian.His name is George Munjinga Ao amulungu,my name is Nangula Hilaly Ao amulungu,Nangula being my aunties name,my dads sister.They lived in Zambia,Mandebvu,Lusaka in the 80s,thats where he met my mother Florence phiri.Please help me find my father,i have a letter he wrote to my momin 1990 &some fotos of him & my mom.Once went to Namibian Embassy,Zambia in 2002 but till now nothing.plizzzzzzzzzzzzhelp me .

2012-09-19, 09:23:31

Posted by Cde Kanamutenya, whk

If anything we have to avoid is the use of media to demonized other comrades, it takes us no where comrades! there is only one thing we all know, and that is to have one leader who is leading others thus all, therefore we all winners, we must stay focus to the national building and avoid all sorts of division, the people of Namibia have always trust in the SWAPO PARTY therefore comrades we should not take this for granted!

2012-09-19, 09:17:01

Posted by Cde Kanamutenya, WHK

Congratulations to both the Vice-President and the Secretary General of the SWAPO party for their nominations! We wish you strengthen comrades, VIVA SWAPO PARTY! UNITED WE STAND! THEIR BLOOD WATERS OUR FREEDOM!

2012-09-18, 16:34:59

Posted by cde Kanamutenya, whk

The Victory of our Mighty Party in Sibbinda Constituency in the Caprivi Region is a testimony of how the Namibian People are determined to put our Party to rule this country because we have tested cadres! VIVA SIBBINDA CONSTITUENCY! CONGRATULATIONS!

2012-09-11, 16:57:23

Posted by Mathews Nehemiah- ondobe

Let me congratulate Comrade Ngurare for the re-election and to all Namibians who love peace and stability. In SWAPO we are united, and not separated. I wonder why the Youth minister is using bad words towards commrade Ngurare. We dont like such words in SWAPO. They must remember that we are SWAPO members forever. Leave Cde Ngurare alone and let us work together as one party without tribalism.

2012-09-10, 02:06:08

Posted by Nakapadi Sem

It seems that perhaps the municipality/town council/the government at large and many others do not understand the significance of Article 95 paragraphs (e) to (g) with regards to what the state policy should be. if the highest law of the country tasks the government and all its agencies to protect the have-nots through effective programs, than that should be a priority, not augmenting the financial resources of the agencies so only a few can benefit. One never complains on a full stomach - that is why those with houses will not aid those that do not have houses to give them a voice. They are most likely the ones who are educated enough and are able to to understand what is really going on. Shame on all of us to allow people to go hungry and without homes. SHAME on all of us.

2012-09-08, 02:57:07

Posted by eskorte Oslo

I think other site proprietors should take www.swapoparty.org as an model, very clean and excellent user friendly style and design, let alone the content. You are an expert in this topic!

2012-09-07, 17:04:59



2012-09-06, 09:37:19

Posted by Cde Lukas Kuutondokwa

First and far-most, Let me congratulate the re-elected energetic and vibrant SPYL secretary,CDE! DR! E. T. Ngurare, for senting the messege out there....!! Viva our vision 2030 president!! those who were trying to disrupt the congress should have just stayed home and perhaps enjoyed some coffee and home made bread, cde Ngurare succeeded hands down, unopposed. While cde Nekundi also emerged victorious. At the Central Committee level, hahaha, should I really mention it. We support cde Ngurare all the way. Cde Moderator, thank u for the wellcome... VIVA the youth league of SWAPO. youth empowerment,economic independence,and rural developement throughout all 107 constituencies of Namibia. Thanx to the delegates of the SPYL congress for being so open minded.

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