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SWAPO Party blog

SWAPO Party blog


2012-02-17, 00:12:10

Posted by Cde Kanamutenya, whk

Yes cde Sha Nangombe you may be correct, however my advice to you is that whatever way you feel good it may be not really the best because ,. 1. Town lands boundaries are planned for a long term. 2. Then you must know that there are areas that are easy to just put up any structure which is not within the prescribed regulations of township. 3. One thing is clear if you know the information better, and you will be in a good sense to conduct the municipality so that they will advice you better rather than erecting structures which at the end will be demolished. We must all know that we want to build a better Namibia and not only thinking of building for the reason because you have been there so that you must be compensated. There are people who are just building because they want to be compensated then there will be no development because all the money will be in compensation due to people putting up structures knowingly, one can sympathize with those with no knowledge of what is required of them, but those putting purposely must face the law of course.

2012-02-16, 16:03:43

Posted by cde Kanamutenya, whk

To all comrades and camaradas let us all refrain from tribal connotation, it is dangerous and destroy nations, leaders should lead by example and must control their tempers! Their blood waters our freedom!

2012-02-16, 15:39:04

Posted by cde kanamutenya, whk

The pothole in our roads are becoming headache, can our MPs (Parliamentarian) put up laws that make those who fill those potholes responsible and accountable. Alike nowadays these guys fill the potholes today and tomorrow it is open again. Can one tell how much money is spending in repeating filling the same potholes now and then? There must be a clear outline laws that specifically gives weight on the issue and the life span must be three (3) years at least. The money can be used for something else rather then ever time same thing and money is wasted because there is no quality work. Leaders please be visionary and formulate laws that make Namibia a better place to live.

2012-02-13, 18:04:57

Posted by

"If we encourage disunity, this country will be in fire and a country in fire does not select who to burn. Even those causing the fire will be burned in the process,” quote attributed to our trusted leader for all Namibians. Thank you tatekulu Pohamba for this wisdom. We are all called upon to seek solutions and not to point and speak out about the presence of a matchstick, oil and wood. All houses have these things. Everyone knows this. The question is should we put the house on fire because we have these ingredients? Let us keep a matchstick, oil/fuel and wood and use them to our advantage and not to make us homeless because of our own irresponsibility!

2012-02-11, 15:08:27

Posted by Cde.ShaNangombe

Cde.Kanamutenya,I agree with you on that one,however people,who grow up in those homesteads should be allowed to build their houses in their parents land,without being threatened with demolition.Those that grown up and decided not to live with their parents anymore, should be allowed to build their houses without intimidation of demolition of their structures.People should also be given fair compensation for land not N$ 5000 per heactre,this is peanuts to people who have been occupying those land for many years.Otherwise people will not surrender their land to the Municipalities.The Municipalities should also work with Government to buy farms around Tsumeb to resettle the affected people,as there are no land in communal area that suitable for resettlement anymore.Aluta Continua!!!!!!!!!!!!

2012-02-10, 22:14:45

Posted by Sam

I would like to aettnd the forth coming conference on the ICT thi month at Munyonyo.Am a student of IT at Makerere.

2012-02-10, 08:55:15

Posted by Cde Kanamutenya, whk

The CEO’s of the Towns in the north, I think they should acquaint themselves with the town land boundary of their respective towns. They should have consultative workshops with the head men of the villages that fall within the town lands boundaries. Let inform them in advice so that in the future the confrontation situation will be avoided, alike now where people are not aware of the boundary. For instances up to Oupumako, all the villages there fall in the town land either of Ongwediva or Oshakati. While the Oshakati town lands goes closer to the church at Ompundja as well, so if people are not aware of such then it is real a problem for the them to accept the demolition of unplanned and not approved plan buildings/structures.

2012-02-08, 19:25:28

Posted by Web Administrator

Cde Kanamutenya, thanks for the good compliments our dear Comrade. We really appreciate your contribution via this platform together with many other Comrades, and we hope and trust it will be the same this year. May the almighty God bless you with good strength and health. Aluta Continua!! Yours in the Winning spirit of the Great SWAPO Party, Web Administrator.

2012-02-07, 13:38:56

Posted by Cde.Katusha kaNamibia

Dear comrades,companies should learn to resolve grievances by engaging the workers in win-win dialogue rather than rushing to High Court and wasting money.The High Court will make the ruling,however that does not mean a solution has been found to the grievances.Therefore management of companies talk to your employees before rushing to High Court,as the solution is with you and your employees.Aluta Continua!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2012-02-07, 12:55:35

Posted by cde Kanamutenya, whk

Let me wish you comrade” Web Administrator" the compliments of the season and I hope you gone keep us in line with your web policy, where we are out please do not hastate to correct us, let us use this web wisely and constructively! Cheers to all who enjoy reading our comments!!!!!!!

2012-02-06, 15:14:52

Posted by cde Kanamutenya, whk

Either we like it or not I do believe that political leaders must be transparent and must be mature, should avoid all kinds of unnecessary confrontation! It is a shame to insults and generalizing every thing, be punctually straight towards what you are referring too in instead of calling all others names and sort of insults, enough is enough!

2012-02-01, 14:21:55

Posted by Cde Kanamutenya, whk

The issue of comparing the Town council action with the past I do believe is irrelevant. Most black people tend to do things deliberately and then compare to the past. We are maltreating each others, while we condemn if it was whites. My point is here and clear either you do have a land or not let us use the proper way! Do not take law into your own hands. To all Namibian there is no reason what so ever if we have laws that is clear on proclaimed area and then we do not obey it. Do not just build structures without a plan approved from the local authority please, if we allow that it will be chaos and in the long run no one will adhere and listen to one another. Why don’t we seek advice if I may ask? It does not justify that because who are poor we must not follow the proper procedure. We should educate our people to respect laws of any kind, remember that those boundaries of proclaimed town lands some have been there for years and community have living within the boundary without knowing that. Now if they are told that they are within the boundary they think the boundary was just put at independence, if we want to be successful let us respect the laws and those who are in the forefront should also try to talk and tell the truth so that people know that even the communal land is - a state land which is clear in the act, please mushrooming of unplanned structures will be more harmful to the future generation!

2012-02-01, 14:18:09

Posted by Cde.Katusha kaNamibia

Comrades,N$ 5000 per hectare for communal land its uncostitutional,its robbing the poor people.I therefore suggest that Cabinet should revise the compensation as matter of urgency or otherwise no people should surrender their mahangu fields to the Municipalities. Atleast the compensation should be N$ 30 000 per hectare and disturbance allowance should be increased to N$ 250 000. Government should consider building settlements and villages in the remote area far from the people. By so doing Government will not disturb the people, however it will enable the Government to create more jobs and reduce a number of people moving to big towns and cities. Fair compensation is what people need not robbing them. Aluta Continua!!!!!!!!!!

2012-02-01, 10:27:09

Posted by Becky @ All Namibia Business

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2012-01-31, 15:45:48

Posted by Cde.Katusha kaNamibia

MRLGHR needs N$150m for compensation,in compensating, an affected communal landholders who occupies a plot of 500m squared on which there is a homestead, cultivated land, uncultivated land and any other improvements the farmer will either receive two fully serviced adjacent erven of 500 square metres each. If the affected communal landowner owns a plot of less than 500m squared on which the improvements are of a permanent or temporary nature, the owner will receive a cash amount of N$10 000 for structures constructed with corrugated iron and other non-permanent materials. For conventional building, the owner receives N$3 000 per square metre, which can be adjusted according to the workmanship of the building structure and based on the market related rates at the time of assessment. Cultivated land is compensated at N$5 000 per hectare with the new policy from the N$600, which was stipulated in the previous policy while grazing land is compensated at N$2 500 per hectare according to the current compensation policy from N$250. Government also compensates communal land owners for fruit bearing trees that are found on their communal property. The value of the trees are determined by fruits per season – or per litre of a drink that is yielded from the tree’s fruits – multiplied by the unit price, which is then multiplied by the maturity period of the tree. Common trees that are compensated for include the marula, omwandi, omulunga as well as the omuve, which are commonly found in the north central area. These trees can rake in up to N$15 000 per tree as a result of the value of the fruits, which are used to make various traditional alcoholic beverages. Common fruit bearing trees like the mangoes, lemons, guavas, oranges, paw paws, grapes as well as bananas. Peaches also qualify for compensation. The communal landholders further receive an additional amount of money as disturbance allowance. This amount equals 15% of such total amount as was received by the

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