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2011 - Here we come

Let us start by wishing you all the very best for 2011! We trust that you were able to take a rest and have returned refreshed and ready for an exciting year ahead. Every year, the New Year brings with it a time of reflection of the year behind, and a new outlook for the year ahead - filled with resolutions and a drive to make positive changes and move ahead to reach our goals. SWAPO is no exception. As usual, let us all work together!!!! God bless!!!


2011-06-02, 22:49:22

Posted by Germina Elungu

To MARIA NAFUKA, you are a courageous student. I am impressed! Yes, I am interested to help. Please, send me a detailed message specifying what area you need help in. This major is diverse. Email me at nanox2607@yahoo.com and I will try my best to render assistance in any way I can. Looking forward to hearing from you.

2011-06-02, 01:36:00

Posted by www.swapoparty.org

Blog.. Great idea :)

2011-05-30, 15:22:14



2011-05-30, 13:22:20

Posted by Cde Kapiye Timotheus

Thank you all cdes who attended the Okahandja tourism expo 2011 especially Hon Otto Ipinge, Hon Steve Boois, permanent secretary of ministry of trade, Okahandja Mayor and CEO, Okahandja municipality Councillors and etc. I thank you SWAPO party government and Okahandja municipality for the well organised Expo. I am cde Kapiye at Okahandja.

2011-05-26, 14:33:34

Posted by Cde Kanamutenya, whk

The issue of Libya should be taken serious by all African, because it is un-called for the NATO to destroy Libya in the pretext of democracy or what ever reason it maybe, this imperialist must stop bombarding Libya now, they have destroy the country infrastructure, why the UN is so quite for such barbaric attacking in a sovereign country? Is the use of force the solution to problem in the world? why only in Libya and why now? If this is justify why the UN did not command and give NATO authorization to strike Israel? Israel is the cruelest state in the world and the imperialist never say anything to the suffering of the Palestine people.

2011-05-26, 14:24:16

Posted by Cde Kanamutenya, WHK

Yee, if the IMF chief could make such scandalous, and immediately replaced by the same country woman, what a shame real, is hardly you read it in this euro centric newspapers of sissy Gwen, rather cry fowls of all whatever none issue, by the way I usually do not know why the editors of the daily English paper maker her miss good, miss know everything, who told her that she know everything? As I usually say time will tell, this goes to the opposition leaders who say one thing today and today say another, I am referring to the comments of the former SWAPO MP now an opposition leader who seems not to see development in Namibia, forgetting his own making of Ramatax hmmmm, low memory, However even the blind can see what had been done in twenty years, just one example in Katutura there were not a single Robot "Traffic Lights" but today every where you can see them, touch them with tarred roads at least!

2011-05-26, 08:41:48

Posted by Peace loving Namibian, UK

European good governance! SHAME!!!! IMF managing director must always come from Europe...bla...bla..bla...wait a moment! But When progressive minds say we are going to appoint only trusted and competent cadres to lead SOEs in Namibia, Eurocentric media houses jumps to conclude that there is no good governance in Namibia. May be some of them even start sending emails so that Namibia's position on the so-called Corruption Index to be reviewed!

2011-05-24, 13:35:50


It was sad and shock to hear that one of our Cuban musicians who visited Namibian and entertained us in Windhoek recently had tragedy passed away, real sad may her soul rest in eternal peace.

2011-05-24, 13:29:41

Posted by Cde Kanamutenya, whk

The Youth and the Party Pioneers are the future of our revolution, therefore it is imperative important that that they took, such decision to meet the Youth from China, that shows that our youth have vision and have to prepare themselves to confront all evils in the new world in the name of so called Democracy, the so democracy is rightly when it fits their interest, however it is therefore highly time that our future leaders should wok up and stand together as African, what is currently happening in Libya should be a good example to learn how those can use you and maltreat you at their convenient time, I am saying that because this guys |Imperialism they found that Libya has no more ambition of nuclear Power, they spied him thus at the end they do whatever they want in the name of democracy. We must learn a lesson from Iraq as well, perhaps is highly time that Arab world should also realized that an injury to one gone be injury to all. VIVA CHINO_NAMIBIA RALATIONSHIP!

2011-05-24, 09:27:02

Posted by Cde Kapiye Timotheus

Our almight GOD bless the African continent and it's countries. Africa our Land we love it. Africa the best continent in the world. Africa lahangana. Cdes come and join us from this coming Friday at Okahandja tourism Expo 2011 in the Garden town of Okahandja. I am cde Kapiye at Okahandja. Cell +264816104895.

2011-05-24, 06:12:25

Posted by JohnBush

Hello! Very good job(this site)! Thank you man.

2011-05-23, 15:05:00

Posted by Daniel "Gabes" Selestinius, Frankfurt - Germany

Comrades, can anyone please brief me on the outcome of the Africa-China young leaders forum? Is Dr Ngurare, Swaartbooi, Henny or anyone who has attended the forum online. Thank you in advance..

2011-05-23, 11:42:41

Posted by Desiderius Amutenya

I watch news on NBC and was happy to see Cde Ngurare debating with our Zimbabwean comrades and Chinese communist faithful cadres. Such debates are of importance in making the youth extra vigilant in the way they view the westerns, it bond the youth to the elders vission, and maintain aknowlegdement of liberation struggle. SWAPO is a liberation party transformed into political party. I recommend SWAPO to start up Swapo Youth leagues Student Societies in Universities of Zimbabwe and China. Down with regime change!!! Extra vigilant with westerns!!! Viva SWAPO, Aluta founding father, Aluta Cde Ngurare!!!

2011-05-18, 14:12:37

Posted by Cde Kanamutenya, whk

With such plenty of water we had received this season, it is unfortunate that before August the water will disappear completely while people were devastated by this flood, we still cannot harvest them. Until when? please the GRN should consult other countries such as Holland so that perhaps we will have assistance to build Big earth Dams to harvest the water, in the long run the water may be used for different projects unlike now it destroys everything and disappear just like that either evaporates or whatever, is real not wealth at all, I know it cost a lot of money by building Earth Dams but is also better to harvest them, a lot of workshop had been organized since 2001, about the Cuvelai Delta but still water come and go just like that no harvest.. oh.

2011-05-18, 10:01:21

Posted by cde KANAMUTENYA, whk

No long time we had reading the complains in the newspapers, mostly bad comment on Asian nationals, more specials in building sectors, now I want some one to tell me how many building construction companies do we have here in Namibia? as far as I know most if not all are South African, I am not talking of upcoming small entrepreneur and those sub contracted small Namibian companies but I am referring to big construction company. You hear tendency that the tender are given away to foreigners and mind you when they say foreign they specifically pin point Asian why? that is unfair, some come up with justification with labor law, like if the labor law is only in Namibia, if we do not have the culture of working hard and to finish the job on time I think there is no justification at all, however I am not condoning the exploitation of workers but I want to look holistically to the issue, most of this Asian they bring a lot in this country because they are not greed like the others who had exploited our natural resources for years yet now they come with new strategy of regime changes, There is no country which can stand in it own, even if you is developed or not. We also cannot ignore to have economic tie with the economic giant countries like China and others, for our economy to grow we must have to market with these giant economically countries.

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