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Apartheid friends join their former master

By Esau Muzeu
Nobody is surprised by the move, they belong there. This former Koevoet and SWATF many are living in the past. They do not know what actually there were doing. These Namibian fellows are very ignorant of the fact that there were members of the apartheid regime which PLAN defeated.

We need to educate these fellows that this Country is no longer in the hands of their masters.

We fought each other, we killed each other and we maimed each other. It is quite simple, the only difference was the objectives, and their aim was to hinder SWAPO Party progress to self determination. While that of PLAN was to liberate Namibia from the joke of colonialism. If it had not been the Apartheid fiends, Namibia would have been long independent. We suffered due the long and bitter struggle, prolonged by those who were assisting the Apartheid regime.

Theron said it all; they fought on the wrong side of the war. In fact they ought to say thanks to the SWAPO party government that offered them job opportunities. SWAPO Party Government was very considerate enough. It was not easy; it's a tough decision, given the hardship and maltreatment we went through during the liberation Struggle. Koevoert and SWATF members carried sadistic and nasty atrocities, they tortured innocent civilian and some lost their belongings. They had no sense of regret. That time never thought that one day Namibia will be free forever. I am very sorry, my fellow Namibians, you should be apologetic for what you did to this nation.

The veteran status they are demanding is an insult to this nation. We thought that part is buried and we are now forging ahead. To my surprise these days some political parties are using sensitive political platforms to gain political points. They are ignorant of the fact that it is very insightful; it may fuel hatred that we as a nation have removed for the sake of Progress. The Koevoert issue should not be used as a political point. Come on Moongo, Hamutenya and Venaani, use common sense.

I think what we offered them is enough. After independence, many of the former Apartheid fighters ran with their masters, as badly informed as they are always, thought South Africa will never be free. It is these former apartheid members that are demanding veteran status. Those who stayed were employed together with the liberators. We were put in one port, given same position without discriminating against them. Moongo, Hamutenya and Venaani, come on, you know very well what these people were fighting for. They fought for apartheid regime, which occupied Namibia illegally. And you know very well what SWAPO party fight was for is to liberate Namibia.

I know you are used to Apartheid politics of fooling and misleading people. You misled our nation during apartheid, telling them lies about SWAPO Party. Fortunately Namibian were not fools to believe your lies, they went ahead to fight and freed this nation. Venaani I think you are young you have a great future ahead of you, so don't confuse this nation else it will erase you in the book of politics of Namibia.

Think twice, be very careful not disrupt peace and stability that we enjoy today. It seems you know nothing about peace that is why you were on the wrong side of the war. Peace is very fragile it needs agility to handle, therefore issues like that of apartheid are bringing back the bad memories of the past. One would like to ask them why they were fighting SWAPO Party.

The politics of today should focus on the development of the Country; your speech should talk about the needs our people. How best we should develop Namibia for the betterment of our people. Those people have bad history that we do not want to hear be minded of. We have reconciled, we sank our differences for us to do well and progress.


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura