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Anuwa? - Part 51

By M'kwanailya wa Mweuta
The message should spread that whoever will blessed with child in the month of of August the name is given: Ingashipola. This should be applicable irrespective of one's colour and tribe. We are building this nation in unity and please for the sake of Namibia, name your child Inga. It literally means it will eventually heal. This is in anticipation of peace and tranquility in the aftermath of the regrettably, tragic and unfortunate death of Frieda Ndatipo may her soul rest in peace!

Anuwa this month was so cool and started on a high note really. We were all proud with the Pohamba factor of leaving a legacy of thanking all those really deserve it and made Namibia what it is today since independence. That gesture has been appreciated by all and we are all proud of their contribution too.

The Pohamba factor which was build on the on the Nujoma factor foundation, is the Namibian factor. I am fortunate to work in department which can be equated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of my employer. I receive on daily basis professors and students almost from all over the world. They hail and admire this country. They praise its cleanness, peace and development.

I am not exaggerating I had a student who completely got mad (pardon my language) because things are too extremely different from her home. All she could say was: "This is this is not like home. I have never seen order like this. She was from one of the war torn African countries and confessed she has never seen people cleaning streets in a town. These are things we take for granted and believe they are normal. They are not. At least not everywhere. Since then, whenever I see countrymen and women cleaning the streets I pause in respect. Namibia is being envied because of their deeds. I hope one day they will also receive their medals just to say thank you.

Everything was flowing nicely, Ndee naapolisi vali ile ouna walye. Anuwa there is a third force which is jealous of how pretty things are going in this country. The timing was really bad. Our leaders were literally patting themselves on their backs and congratulating each other on the job well done. It has been a trail of happy events with SWAPO. The Ohangwena and the Bukalo election results. The incident of Wednesday morning is really a spoiler.

The jovial and accomplishment mood was supposed to build to road POT. All of sudden grief has taken over. Now we are left with too many questions. Was the police really also shot at? The nation should be given evidence that indeed the children were also armed. Who gave the FIRE command? In the absence of all those answers Ingashipola ike mbela waa !


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