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Anuwa? - Part 49

By M'kwanailya wa Mweuta
Anuwa the Constitutional Amendments is the only topical issue this time around. Talks are that there are many opportunities being created by the envisaged amendments and while many are toyi-toying, and writing placards others are registering companies to deliver services after 21 March 2015.

A born visionary entrepreneur I recently found at the ministry of Trade and Industry registering a dozen of companies explained as follows; Opportunity will never stood in front of you and announced I am opportunity, please use me. I spotted opportunity and this is how I will use it.

Opportunity one, there will be 24 more National Assembly members and I will register a transporting company to take and collect their children from and to school. This is because 12 will be women and I bet you their partners will not be coerced to transport kids.

And because the female MPs would strive to prove that they are up to the 50/50 they would definitely make use of the reliable transport of their kids and not to be hindered while serving the Nation. Opportunity two, National Council members will be increase with 16 honorables. The entrepreneur will open up a hat fashion boutique in Robert Mugabe Street. The ladies hat shop will sell the latest and business is guaranteed as the ladies in the house will have to keep up with the house's dressing code of spectacular and fashionable hats.

Anuwa opportunity three will be a consultation and image company. From the noise in the streets, it is obvious that history will repeat itself; a project in the form of a political party will be emanating immediately after the Amendment of the Constitution.

The branding company will make sure that all the branding materials such as flags and t-shirts are available and sufficient enough to carry the project through all its life cycle stages expected to be only for a year.

Opportunity four which will be the cash cow is the private investigation company. Since the talk of amendments commenced, the police have been inundated with reports of death threats. Anuwa if the police have to investigate these threats, all other crimes have to wait.

Thus, tenders are out for a proven, patriotic private investigation company to clear the fear among the nation once and for all. With his track record, the born entrepreneur is confident that at last his cash flow problem is over and the death threats will be the thing of the past as the culprits will not be spared but given a deterred sentence to silent the would be mischievous imitators!


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