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Anuwa? - Part 49

By M'kwanailya wa Mweuta
Ohangwena constituency is said to be divided. Divided to the extent that almost everyone who registered, voted for the SWAPO party.

Anuwa all attempts to unite the constituency failed and the unifier only got a minor fraction of the votes. Anuwa if you are living in Ohangwena constituency and you do not support the RDP you support division..

What a fallacy?
With the by - election in the Ohangwena constituency behind us, and the imminent of the national elections in November, poor RDP will participate as a wounded competitor.

Anuwa the actions of the voters are already an indication of "count us out as usual during the general elections". The results are revealing a sad truth. An indication that there is again no truth that RDP was born and bred in Ohangwena region. It unfortunately confirm that it still remain a project of the Windhoek East constituency residents. Those are the one who almost all had a history of having eaten before the arrival of Noa. I agree that manetjie is their Alma Mater but I beg to differ with those calling them to came back home.

Most of them are stained with greedy. Entrusting them with strategic positions again will be a grave mistake. Aaye, can we really afford to repeat the prodigal son story? We should build the nation, not demolish it vakwetu.

Mmh by the way, were you consulted? That is the famous word nowadays. I am glad I was. You heard me correct I was indeed consulted to give my opinion on whether the constitution should be amended or not. Anuwa the murmuring in the corridors of Law Reform Commission goes like this: "Namibians have amnesia.

What consultation are you demanding? After all you are the one who initiate the amendment? What did you think you were doing when you doubled the population with million babies since 1989? Mind you that those born frees have become eligible voters who also need to be represented and served and serve". The ranting continues, "Indeed Article 17 of the Namibian constitution stipulates that

"All citizens shall have the right to participate in peaceful political activity intended to influence the composition and policies of the Government. All citizens shall have the right to form and join political parties and; subject to such qualifications prescribed by law as are necessary in a democratic society to participate in the conduct of public affairs, whether directly OR through freely chosen representatives."

"Why do you listen to Carola? A person who was expelled from RP and by default is not represented by any political party!" "A month ago political representatives were called to Statehouse to be consulted because the government opted to consult through freely chosen political representatives.

OR has a substitutive character unfortunately. The constitution gave the government a choice to consult either directly OR through freely chosen representative. It chose the latter".

Through irritations, the murmuring became loud and the voice was heard saying: "Do not dare to tell me that I am arrogant, harsh and not be able to control my emotions. I am a trained lawyer and will sue you. My body gestures, as exhibited on the national TV were appropriate. Ask Carola and Hilda they will confirm".


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