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Anuwa? - Part 48

By M'kwanailya wa Mweuta
#Bring Bring Back Our Money, is the slogan every patriotic Namibian should shout when spotting the acting boss of the Namibia Airport Company.

Anuwa the champ is acting at the Highest Bid yet he does not have a clue of what is functioning and not at the airport. He has been sleeping on duty and only woke up when the International Civil Aviation Organisation staff knocked at his door.

To safe his face and to be seen working, he fired two managers when he woke up to the downgraded airport. I wish someone could be bold like him, also to be seen working and fire him also. He deserves a kick and a #BringBackOurMoney poster. Otherwise why is he being paid?

It is heartening to note that in some organization ones' under-performance should be detected by some standard bodies. Meanwhile poor Air Namibia had to pay unplanned landing fees in Botswana and Zambia and chartered additional planes to play Air- Taxi- Lusaka- Windhoek-Gaborone, with love from NAC.

Talking of putting one's eggs in one basket, the Namibia - South Africa livestock importing saga is still dragging on. Now we hear that Anuwa South Africans are refusing to have none of our livestock, throwing our livestock sector in disarray. There is no point in crying over spilt milk. The solution should be to establish feedlots and create employment. The few who will be employed is better than zero at least someone somewhere will be employed. Who knows, perhaps the increment of processed beef exportation will also increase job creations.

Today is the livestock I wish tomorrow is again one of those critical ingredients we are failing to produce in the name of competitive advantages and economic of scales. Anuwa the common excuse nowadays is we cannot produce this because of our population, skills shortage and this and that.

Despite, the increasing figures of man- at- the -side -of - the -road even manufacturing of match boxes is entrusted into the hands of the South African economy. Can someone apply for infant protection for match boxes industry please?

While on a topic of infant protection issue, can someone tell me what is happening with the supply of long life milk in this country? Yo this economic struggle is olile lo olilula shili.

Does the infant industry protection means that shelves should be empty? Worse, only the smaller traders are suffering as most of the big retailers are being supplied directly from the producers leaving nothing for the wholesales. Anuwa because of the imports, local producers where never allowed to grow at the full capacity. This means while they are growing, we have to suffer?

The other day I called my friend unpatriotic when she advocated the importation of milk in the country. Little did I know that the stoppage of milk importation in the economy is done at the expense of consumers?

Aaye mboli #Bring BackImportMilk waa! Small traders are suffering!


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura