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Anuwa? - Part 45

By M'kwanailya wa Mweuta
After I read the event of OTJONGOMBE in Omaheke region where 22 brides were 'given away' in honor of the late Ovaherero Paramount Chief, KuaimaRiruako according to a local newspaper report, I was left with little option but to appoint myself as a councilor for Cultural Restoration affairs. Firstly as a proud self-appointed councilor, let me congratulate the Otjiherero speaking community for persistency in upholding their culture and for having refused to waver amidst many distracters.

In the same vein, I wish to call upon all the other tribes in Namibia to be proud of their culture and to emulate the Otjiherero speaking Namibians. Now and then I often repeat that one's culture is never inferior despite the deliberate efforts by the missionaries and colonialists which destroyed most of Namibias' tribe's cultural, norm, believes and practices. Each tribe in Namibia has its way of doing things such as the mass wedding in honor of a departed leader.

Today however many claim none. They would reason that they have no value just because they have been brainwashed .Most tribes were made to believe that every cultural activity was evil, ungodly and uncivilized including our traditional and African names. Sadly the trend continues up to today In my role as the Cultural Restoration Councilor, I observed that various cultural festivals have not been accorded the prominence they deserve.

As entrusted by my constituency, I have decided to suspend all the public holidays especially those which have nothing to do with Namibia's history. These public holidays will be replaced with all culturally events in honor of our forefathers. I have realized that it does not make any sense to teach the history of Namibia in schools but no cultural event is accorded a public holiday. Those public holidays such as the 21 of March, 4 of May, 25 of May and the 26 August will remain. The rest including the birth, death, resurrection and ascension of the Messiah will be regarded as normal working days.

New holidays will be introduced, celebrating various cultures and historical dates in all political regions. All efforts will be done to make sure that celebrations such as the Sam Kubis are not only confined in Rehoboth only, but rotate countrywide starting from Luhonono village in Zambezi region.

Festivals such as Lusata, Olufuko, Omaongo, Red Flag, and others will be celebrated in the capital city for all to see while the Biltong and Wika festivals will also be rotated in the major towns commencing in Okanguati come 2015. These are the first few measures I will put in place to assist Namibian parents who are finding it hard to bring up the children under the desired Afro-centric guidelines, culture and tradition.


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