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Anuwa? - Part 42

By M'kwanailya wa Mweuta
Interesting time indeed. It is election year and even the trees are about to know. Recently, the Head of State pleaded with the nation that at least he want to be send off in a kastylewith a peaceful election. This he said it at the coastal town of Swakopmund. His audience were the intellectuals. No one toloka! It seems he preached to the wrong congregation.

Those known for lack of social skills did not heed the call. To them election campaign has not yet started. Otherwise the trees had known it. Cause The Flag was not yet hoisted on their branches.

And as usual, those who have no members barbarically decide to provoke. It simply does not make any sense to load your members in vehicles, arm them with sticks and broken bottles, drive a distance of more than 500 km, off load them to provoke the locals and address them yet you claim you have no money to campaign?

Strangely, it seems no human right body sees anything wrong with a political party carrying sticks and broken bottles fully aware that the occupants are definitely not Zulus.

Provocations on not, at least the residents lately heed the call that whatever state of mind they found themselves, they should exercise political tolerance. In the language being spoken at Onhimbuwhere the provocations are aimed the slogan nowadays is "Alikana se ihatukolilaaanhukomalutu; atuteelele omaahololo tukeya kolile nokakombo".

Eish speaking of elections, anuwa Malema of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in South Africa was not impressed with the many heartfelt congratulants messages which came from Namibia political parties. He was particularly disturbed by the message from the founding party of apartheid and colonialism. The leader of that party being the youngest political party leader in Namibia anuwa identified himself with Malema and immediately send him a congratulatory message on the job well done.

Anuwa Malema just mshuu the letter and asked if that was all from Namibia. He fumed and demanded to be shown the letter from the party's Namibian God Father! But there was nothing. "How could he? After all he suggested the name and we accepted, he was heard murmuring!"

Hapocan some tell us the truth and nothing but the truth of what is happening with the mass housing project? Is the media on the misinforming and destructive campaign or what exactly is not happening?

As much as I hate to join the fun fair, the truth of the matter is that someone anuwa who deserved to be a mass housing contractor by default and has legitimate connections was overlooked. And because of that; NHE and the nation will see.

Anuwa there are already established Gomchas whose briefcased construction companies matured with time and have vowed not to be overtaken by the new kids on the block.

They are consulting. It is either them or mass housing is converted to zero housing until the Shaanika came- late are out.


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