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Anuwa? - Part 40

By M'kwanailya wa Mweuta
Yeememeei, only in Namibia were teachers cannot read and write English. At least not properly.

Anuwa the result is that a social come together was named as a Party by a teacher confusing, the king, a governor, auditor general, the chief of policing in the capital city and the head of the business community in the country.

The whole saga started when the teacher who claims to have the wellbeing of his tribesman at heart chose a wrong English word causing havoc and panic among politicians. Due to the shortage of expand vocabulary the teacher settle for a Party instead of a bash! And all hell breaks loose.

If the entire nation was thrown in confusion by the teachers way of choosing proper wordings on a program, one wonder how many children left that school "educated". The writing is clear on the wall why the high rate failure of grade 10 and 12 and the half baked student's institutions of high education are receiving.

In 2011 it was reported that 98% of 23 000 teachers who wrote an English language proficiency test failed to indicate their comprehension of the queen's language. It was reported that anuwa these teachers would need to undergo further training in the basics of the official language.

Worse, the report said more than 70 per cent of teachers in the senior secondary phase cannot read and write basic English, while 63 per cent in the junior secondary phase are not sufficiently proficient in English. Anuwa we were in denial, arguing that the report was bias and the teachers themselves where at the forefront of disputing the findings accusing the Ministry of Education of being insensitive and tarnishing the image of the teaching profession. After the Ongandjera People United Party ( can you blame anyone who associate it with a political party really?) I fully concur with the 2011 report's conclusion that there is much work to be done to upgrade teachers' English abilities, specifically, comprehension, specific fossilised grammar features and punctuation errors.

Anuwa the results are out by the way. If you ask what results then it means you do not have an unemployed youth in your household. Lucky you. I am talking about the NDF recruitment results. And guess what? Anuwa those who selected made sure that this nonsensical 50/50 is not applicable in the army ever! In most of the regions gender balance is 4/50. Meaning they selected 4 women and 50 male to be recruited as soldiers.

Hopefully all is not yet lost, it is only that those who selected the "qualified"where all men, who reason that women are not yet ready for 50/50. Ask any chauvinist to explain what 50/50 means and they proudly say: Is to place untrained, unqualified and inexperienced women into important positions. A closer look into our government ministers and lawmakers on both sides revealed that the finest are women and i am pretty sure this has nothing to do with my sex. There are male who have been there for 24 years, but it seems they are failing to learn. It is the prejudice against women we must fight not the 50/50 agenda!


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