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Anuwa? - Part 39

By M'kwanailya wa Mweuta
Anuwa the prophet has spoken. It did not happen! But anuwa the prophet is very sure it indeed happened. Her version of the accounts is that she was speaking in tongues. She predicted in tongues. The earth quake was not to be taken literary. It was a figurative prediction.

Anuwa the translations are that the NDF helicopter that crashed and killed six is what she meant. On several occasions our leaders especially the Founding Father has cautioned this nation against the new churches cum business entities. These churches instead of being the sources of their followers inspirations have became the source of all kind of evils and lies in our societies.

All what they are concentrating on is how to make monies from their followers. While the other traditional churches care about the non believers and do everything possible to bring the lost to God, those being led by false prophets see everybody who is not a "born again" as a devil. I have seen families being torn apart because of these churches. If one is a born again and the other families are not, then the born again does not want to talk with the rest of the family because anuwa they are possessed with evil spirit!

The destruction being carried out by these churches is enormous especially among some of the youth studying at institutions of higher educations. If a research is done one might be shocked to see the that high failures is because students are no longer interested in studying their books but occupied with excessive church activities some of which are even taking place during classes. Instead of attending their classes one find students preaching in the streets and collect money for their churches.

Anuwa the failed - earthquake prediction caused irreplaceable poverty among the believers as many clear up their bank accounts and donate everything to the church as their ends were nearing. And who knows? Perhaps that was exactly the strategy to get as much as they could from their followers. Critical thinking skills are accompanied by a certain level of education of which many of our citizens are lacking. The leaders of these churches are very aware of the level of education most of their followers have hence they are taking advantage of this deficiency. It is high time someone in high position and with the authority stand up to the leaders of these churches and tell them to stop misleading and lying to the people.

Speaking of being economical with the truth, anuwa Oscar Pistorius will only settle for an Oscar in his rehearsed acts. The latest for your ears:

Advocate Gerrie Nell: "Mr Pistorius, how did you feel the moment you noticed that Reeva was dead?"
Oscar Pistorius: "My lady, I got scared, I actually froze and couldn't even move my toes".
Gerrie Nell. "Which toes?"
Oscar Pistorius: "I forgot my lady"

It is hurting to see him lying up to the end of his trial. If Oscar was a man enough the least he could do is to own up his deed by telling the truth and apologise genuinely to the family of the deceased!


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