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Anuwa? - Part 38

By M'kwanailya wa Mweuta
Etoo, the Dukwi affair is serious people. It seems these asylum seekers are very serious indeed and many things seem to have been happening while no body is watching.

Anuwa rumours have been circulating mostly in bars that after Crimea it will be Caprivi but it has been regarded as a far-fetched dream.

Until the iron lady, ons eie meme Home Affairs decided to ascertain herself on the atmosphere at the Dukwi aka Nyango and Hainyeko of Bostwana"

Anuwa to her shock and dismay the situation was not in any repatriation mood. It was too militant and I agree in fact it was too risky.

Watching the whole Dukwi saga on TV this week reminds me the history of Herman Andimba Toivo yaToivo in that Pretoria court in August 1967 charged under the Terrorism Act of 21 June 1967.

That time, the white minority were assured that Ya Toivo was dreaming when he said: 'We are Namibians, and not South Africans. We do not now, and will not in the future, recognise your right to govern us; to make laws for us, in which we had no say; to treat our country as if it was your property and us as if you are our masters. We have always regarded South Africa as an intruder in our country. This is how we have always felt and this is how we feel now and it is on this basis that we have faced this trial'.

Ironically, after the tirades from the Namibians in Dukwi, (or whatever they call themselves) the Botswana's Defence Minister was quoted saying : "We do not recognize you here as Caprivians or Zambezians or members of any political party, but we recognize you as Namibians. If you want a dialogue about Caprivi or Zambezi issue that dialogue must be at home not in Dukwi".

While I rebuke a Crimea repetition, the TV clip showed a different story of never give up. Mind you the seceding attempt was 15 years ago and one would expect the spirit to have cooled down. Alas, it is not the case. Tjo, the spokesperson on TV was confident of their course.

It seems there is a time bomb waiting to explode which need to be addressed. Incarnation and exile are not the solution. It seems we are just shelving it.Some diplomatic skills are urgently needed to diffuse and solve the problem once and for all. Anuwa, chaos is breeding in Dukwi and I am afraid the peace and tranquility we are enjoying might not be in reach of our offspring's generations' time.

Enough of Dukwi for now, Anuwa,Oscar Pistorius is acting for an Oscar mbela? Barry can scream with a woman's voice for leniency, but which fool will believe him? If Oscar if not found guilty of murder then money is everything. What amount of lie will convince us that Oscar forgot that he was lying in bed with somebody? Couldn't he at least ask Reeva is that you or an intruder, before he fire the shots? Iyaloo, I was impressed that the Chinese president is aware that there are not so honest Chinese investors in Namibia. During the visit of our PM to China, the president was quoted saying that his government supports capable and credible enterprise to cooperate with Namibian partners in mining, agriculture, infrastructure, manufacturing and others.

I could hear the PM saying: I am glad you used the word credible. I do not appreciate those selling fake and poor quality goods as they are making my people too poor. I will soon introduce a law confining them to wholesale trading and compel them to leave retailing to locals. I am losing too much hard currency which is being exported illegally to China. We will arrest those who do not want to respect our laws by running illegal foreign exchange bureaus in the corner of their shops. I want to develop my infrastructure but your soft loan conditions have too many strings attached and I am no longer sure of their geneunity


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