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Anuwa? - Part 37

By M'kwanailya wa Mweuta
Etse, mense, Vaatz goede waar pass hulle? I have to mind my language several times at least to find a suitable civilised word. Any word in my mbalanhu tongue might be viewed as not under 18 friendly.

But can you blame me? I hope not. Even the hard core –Germans have to distance themselves from his utterances. Anuwa, since the removal of the Reiterdenkmal last year, secret meetings have been going on aimed at consulting the Namibians of Germans origin for a mass protest. Postage paid reply letters and petitions have been sent right and left in mobilization of "Operation Return and Restore the dignity of Reiterdenkmal".

Alas, anuwa only 5000 replied. That is when the "ring leader "opt for plan B to throw some threats of bombing who ever have replaced the Rider! We all know the reason of erecting the Rider was a memorial of the victors in the 1904 war. We however do not know how we survived the sight of looking at the rider every day for 23 years after independence. Anuwa it was only after its removal when Hendrik Witbooi and Kakulukaze Mungunda stop turning in their graves! What a torture for the dead. If Vaatz and company do not care about the feelings of the survived genocide descendants, can't they do it at least for the martyr' sake? As for the court challenge to remove whatever has replaced the Rider, Vaatz will definitely meet his equals. Anuwa this time we want to make sure that the issue of blood being thinker then water does not interfere. So, it will be the Shikongos, Namandjes, Kautas and the Hovekas. All in the name of My Namibia My Pride.

There is indeed no boring time in the Namibian politics. While Vaatz was contemplating to approach HH to field Von Wieterheims to stand as a combined candidate for RP and (d) in the middle. Mr. Mudge just spoils the entire game! Omake!

As staunch believer of "if you cannot beat them, join them, Mr. Mudge appropriately instruct his followers to vote for the Swapo President to the dismay of the other RP with a (d) in the middle. Oef! But really who in their right minds will continue associating themselves with renegades who went extreme? Their political agendas are scary. During the last election they canvassed for votes from those who wanted to secede Zambezi region. Anuwa this year, their independence cerebration at Oshikango culminated in an award ceremony held in honour of ex koevoet members!

These and other tsotsi agtig behaviour bordering on selfishness and different agendas from what he and HH anuwa had in mind drove him to an extreme and to say is genoeg! Secede


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Windhoek, Katutura