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Anuwa? - Part 36

By M'kwanailya wa Mweuta
The Nation virtually came at standstill on Thursday to say enough is enough for the so-called passion killers.

Omake to the head of state and his cabinet for having initiated such a day. To pray and call upon the creator to intervene in the killings of innocent women. One wish that Tiffany Lewin should be the last in our statistics. The manner in which the late Lewin was killed, one hope it was indeed a hard kicking of a barbaric dying horse. The killer of Lewin claims that he is prepared anuwa to spend the rest of his life in prison. But the scar he left in the mind of the 4 your toddler warrior is permanent - witnessing your mom being killed and stab the perpetrator in her defense.

The heinous and barbaric gender based violence are committed in most cases by intoxicated perpetrators. It was indeed befitted to declare 6 March 2014 also a no alcohol day. We have however omitted to call it also no drugs day.One could argue that drug is already illegal anyway.

But to those using it, they need to be reminded that its usage is illegal.Drug abuse and usage is very common. Every month there are cases of drug busts. One wonders how many drug bags are brought in and not noticed and their conduit not caught.

The sixth of 6th March should also be a drug free day, if not; to the drug dealers and users the day is business as usual. While drug use is illegal, we should not be in denial. It is happening every day and whenever we talk of stop alcohol we should also say stop drug usage. Drug usage is a reality in Namibia and if those commit gender based violence are to be interrogated on what they used on their respective fateful days they commit crimes one should not be surprised that indeed it would be drugs.

While one would like to own up your mess, I tend to agree that perhaps the cruelty way of killing Namibians might have inherited it from the experts - the Germans. The skulls taken anuwa for rearch purposes one does not want to imagine how they were removed from their bodies and yet they refuse to pay reparations while they agreed to pay the Jews.

Hapo why does the Germans think that Hitler was their only uncle whom they can own up his horrific deeds and not Von Trotha? What they are smoking?

Jokes aside, now that we have the Erindi offer on the table, the least Von Trotha's nieces and nephews could do at least is to purchase it and give it to the victims of their uncles' horrendous decree!


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Windhoek, Katutura