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Anuwa? - Part 35

By M'kwanailya wa Mweuta
Namibia is indeed a land of the brave and only the brave will survive it seems. The topical hot issue these days is housing. We are waiting for Mass Housing project to be delivered. In the meantime a lot is happening in that department.

The housing backlog currently being experienced is making men and women in this country very creative. Irrespective of the level of economic ladder everyone is going extreme when it comes to a shelter to leave in.

The other day a met a bunch of gomchas registering at one of high education institute for a crash course in Buying Negotiation Skills. Having been told that curiosity kills a CAT but made a JOURNALIST, i persisted to know why Buying Negotiation Skills?

Apart from being able to negotiate for high prices when negotiating with the Chinese and convince them to rent their trucks, the main reason was to be able to negotiate with various municipality for 60% discount for plots in upper markets! Apparently connections and whom you know stories do no work any longer at various city councils. What actually matter is your negotiation skills and the institute where you obtain your qualification. For some residents however, they see no reason to wait for mass houses. Anuwa there is no hope that they will be considered anyway.

Firstly, they might not be able to afford them as they are being rumoured to start at N$200000. Unaffordableprice aside, it is already being rumoured that anuwa the haves have started already registering their nieces, cousins to buy the houses on their behalf so that they can latter sell them at their real value prices.

Instead of waiting for mass houses which might be just a dream to those without connections, the short cut is to erect a kambashu during the night anuwa using the light of a vehicle, and consult a human right lawyer the next day to advice you! If anyone dares to demolish it, demand their court order and thereafter remind them that the Squatters Proclamation of 1985 has been declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of Namibia.

In all these quagmire of lack of housing, the real victim is the family which was left with no other option but to leave with the dead in Dolam Cemetery , Windhoek .

Ironically, it was the City of Windhoek which auctioned the only shelter the family had, send them to leave alive in the cemetery over a debt of N$5420.00.

Seven year ago, the house was auctioned for N$54 000 and today it is said to be valued at around N$600 000.00. Blame it all to the culture of not sharing information. If the evicted family knew about the Negotiation Skills programme before.

Imagine what they could have done with that skill. If for a N$1 million dollar property one could negotiate and pay only three hundred thousand, anuwa with a debt of less than six thousand one could achieve a total bad debt status and allowed to consume water free for the entire year until one of the family member get employment! If wishes where horses man!


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