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Anuwa? - Part 34

By M'kwanailya wa Mweuta
The election vibe is in the air and by hook or crook parties are looking for attention. And beware of wolfs in sheep skins. Not long ago, some Katutura residents were duped into an organisation anuwa fighting for the right of informal settlement habitants.

A close look at the organisers led to a certain political party which is desperate to gather memberships for upcoming elections. Upon discovering that somebody is using them to reduce the votes of the SWAPO party, poor service hungry informal settlement residents withdrew from the organisation in numbers.

A week later, the trick changed and this time is targeting the youth and promising them all sorts gadgets if they manage to take a fraction of voters to their side as long as "the fruit does not fall far from the tree". Sadly the party was launched by the sole member, the well-known graduate from the Correctional Institute of Namibia aka TRONK.

The joke of the week however is the "exclusive breaking news" by a tabloid that SWAPO once worked together with UNITA. Really is that a revelation? If there is something to be revealed by this "admission" is the shallowness of the writer. Surprisingly enough the person being credited for this revelation is none other than yours truly, the self proclaimed one and only person who can challenge SWAPO's presidential candidate during the upcoming elections. Indeed these are interesting times! What is more interesting however is why an independent "lid lifter" allows itself to be used or is it just fulfilling its obligation of paying its loan back?

Some strings are really too harsh to oblige. The poor chap is about to be declared a habitual liar by the courts after being forced to retract, apologise and pay fines for consecutive four defamation cases.

Hapo what is the role of the press watchdog in this country? It is a high time that press practitioners have their rules and codes defined and subjected to professional misconduct fines just like their counterparts in health and others fields. Undisciplined and greedy false sales journalists who writes for the sake of selling the volume are tarnishing the profession.

Anuwa the budget was tabled on Wednesday and all what Namibians are complaining is high spending. My elementary economic teacher once taught me that government spending is always a welcomed intervention as it creates employment and also empower citizens to have money in their pockets.

But reading economists budget interpretations there are so many negativity about increased spending. It seems that those who criticise the increase in spending are the owners of banks and cash loans who wish that the money circulation remain tight so that they can increase their interest on those who borrow. So, my people, be happy for meme Saara and do not follow what economics

oorebere are telling you


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