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Anuwa? - Part 33

By M'kwanailya wa Mweuta
Holla 2014 ! My acceptance speech of THIS YEAR is not different from the rest on an Award Podium. First of all I thank the almighty , Veei and my readers ( I mean it ) my dad (for praying for me ) my husband ( for obvious reasons ) , my kids ( for singing the mommy- mommy song tirelessly throughout the year to an extend that when I am in a mall and I hear MOMMY I assume is directed to me ) and all my ANUWAS friends !

The year ahead is still in its infant stage, it however started on an bad note for the 75% Grade 12 learners who did not obtained a pass rate, ugly for the thousands country - wide army based free lodgers who will be deprived of their democratic voting rights to vote for their local government representatives and horrible bad for women in Namibia! We are only in the second month but 2014 is actually turning seriously ugly for local government councillors who all the time has been banking on the votes of the shack dwellers yet they have done nothing to improve their lives, let alone to provide them with water and electricity for which they are eager to pay for. Oh no, now?

Talking about the election, what tokolosh is in that body huka? The other time when it was chaired by a Professor, the Director could not read the results. Now we hear the learned advocate and her PhD Director are all numb when it comes to the interpretation of the election law. Anuwa all what they think is to amend the constitution while we hear that putting process and policies in places is all what they need to do.

Hey! 2014 is only a month and few weeks but the havoc it is causing is immeasurable. Look at what it did to poor omunene Kaura, the "founding father of DTA". Besides his plead that only white, red and blue blood can ran in his veins, the omutanda went ahead to drain it out. That is murder! Tate Ndeitunga ouli peni? As for now, is hide and seek at DTA. Withdrawing the suspension today and again start over tomorrow with a determined verdict. What a waste?

I sobbed on Tuesday when president Pohamba mentioned the case of Mirjam Tuyakula Nandjato who was brutally killed by her so called lover.

But when the president said that urgent action is needed to put an end to these despicable acts of cruelty, I thought that was directed to me to stop feeling hopeless and at least to give my input. While others are calling for death penalty for those targeting women for their real live and virtual killing practice, I called for the introduction Human Killing Law similar to the Stock Theft Act, 12 of 1990. Ironically the Stock Theft Act was first introduced in 1935, amended in 1983 and repealed in 1990 seemingly to address the rampage of that crime.

Today, stock theft is most feared crime and only "notorious who opt to go rest with maximum security protection" dare to commit it. It has set minimum sentence of not less than 20 years for those found guilty. There is already a foundation and Shanghala need only to replace stock with human and insert special clause for WOMEN, and TRIPLE the Stock Theft's minimum sentence.

I so move!


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura