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Anuwa? - Part 31

By M'kwanailya wa Mweuta
It seems some media outlets are out there digging and generating conflicts. They have once heard that only bad news is good news but really why always looking for bad and divisive news when it does not exist.

Since the decisive Mighty Swapo Congress ended, I have noticed with concern how the new shape weekly tabloid has been persisting in its effort to instigate comrade against each other on the past issues of pre - 2012 congress.

Anuwa this slimmer and taller than the previous, has made it a point in its diary session to have a follow up article in every issue about this and that as long as it is related to the pre-congress politics. What is the point of clinging to the past and why can not the bygone be bygone?

We are all aware of that they are in business of attracting readers and make money with screaming headlines; but should their business be at the expense of the party unity? Is playing with readers emotions the best selling strategy they could implement? I beg to differ. The sequence of their articles often leaves a bitter taste. Recently, there was an article of anuwa "rumours of youth leader being suspended from the league for not having been supporting the youth group's candidate. Does it still matter who supported who? If it matter, does it warrant a suspension? To start with is there any truth in this article?

Not long ago, there was an article on SWAPO leaders who are said to have been instigated tribalism in Okahandja prior to the Congress. The article went on accusing this group of that and the other group of this. Mmhh one also wonders why cadres who are giving these interviews are also playing along? Then there was a story about a youth leader who the interviewee "hoped "has learned his lesson after the congress.

Again then there was this article about this candidate whom we all watched in horror hopped from this candidate to the other. Ten months latter he is being interviewed by the tabloid announcing that "this presidential candidate was my first choice even though I nominated his rival".

Hano, why really digging up events which has no purpose for our tomorrow? This is the time to build the party and consolidate democracy within. This is the time to pull together sharpen our unity and ready ourselves for mighty victory. But if there are still those who keep on scratching healing wounds whose interest are they serving? Why should there be signs among comrades of revenge spree with an atu mu talifa nawa- attitude-we will fix you! Vakwetu this is not the time. It seems somebody has missed a debriefing session. The motto should be forward with unity!

It is indeed true that one cannot change yesterday, but can do something today that can change tomorrow. Party members might not be able to change what happened post –congress but can reposition themselves to change what tomorrow will bring!


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura