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Anuwa? Part 30

By M'kwanailya wa Mweuta
Anuwa last week's congress (sorry the convention) just gave an opportunity for HH to prove to us once and for all that he is the only person who can take on Swapo's VP - Dr. Hage Geingob.

This is a loaded statement, indeed. It imply; amateur stay - way. This is my fight! I have been sharpening my spear for years. Let me finish it! We are told that the two former comrades have the same alma mater - the Augustineum Secondary School then based in Okahandja. The class at that time - reads the who's and who's in Namibian politics, Dr. Theo-Ben Gurirab, DTA's Katuutire Kaura, Ben Amathila and Dr. Libertine Amathila. Rumour has it that the reason why HH wants to contest Dr. Geingob in the elections in a year's time has everything to do with what happened in the dormitories of Augustineum in the sixties! Anuwa details are very sketchy. Worse, they are stored in a corrupted LP record and all attempts to digitalise it have thus far failed!

Blame it on technology's short life span. We will never know what trigger the animosity in what will culminate in a vicious competition of posters on trees, poles, teeth and even on dogs in 2014. The theory is; here are the two young men or wannabe revolutionaries, one tall and commanding, the other short and almost as the stereotype goes with short people, very insecure.

Could it be that one hit it off with other students and the other not? Or can we assume that the bickering on the soccer fields, and the competition for the girls of the time, transformed into an intense rivalry that would last for more than 40 years?

In-between we saw the two meeting up at the United Nations Institute for Namibia as lecturers, albeit with different roles, the one the Director of the Institute, the other a Political Science Lecturer. I guess one of them was envious of the other, and so the hatred flames were spurned in the heart, of the one.

Fast-forward to 1989, the one becomes Swapo's Director of Elections, Chairperson of the Constituent Assembly, and first Prime Minister. Could we safely argue that once again, the one was to live in the shadow and the success of the other? That once again, the tall figure from Tsumeb was the golden boy and the man from Odibo was a periphery figure?

I am sure you might say I am flaming conspiracy theories but in the absence of the real truth, we shall continue to wonder, why HH thinks he is best suited to fight it out against Dr. Hage. For now we can only deduce from this history between the two of them that what we are seeing playing itself out comes a long way back. It has a history.

And like the tales of old of rivalry between siblings, hyena and jackal, as per my grandmother at the fire place, there will only be one winner. And anuwa history will vindicate the one who chose to tame his hatred.


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura