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Anuwa? Part 28

By M'kwanailya wa Mweuta
Applying for a schengen tourist visa? My advice; have enough red bull energy drinks! December is around the corner and my friend and I decided we have enough of Namibia's sun and opt for a white Christmas holiday in Europe this year.

First, thing first. We have to apply for schengen visa which will allow us to visit. Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Greece and Switzerland.

Alas, little did we know that the applications to be a tourist in schengen countries was more difficult then applying to go to heaven! Anuwa there is a set of requirements for each country and these "might change from time to time without prior notice". If a country is showing some increase capability of meeting the requirements they will be stifled to avoid the influx to the schengen countries.

Firstly, as tourists, we were required to submit proof of means of subsistence in a form of a bank statement to prove that we have N$650 or 50 Euros per each day of our stay. Secondly, we must prove that we have reserved accommodation and we will not be malalapipes. Thirdly, our employers must write us letters indicating that we will come back to our work. No self employed stories was accepted! Fourthly, we have to give prove of travel medical insurance.

Fifth, we needed a sworn statement indicating our intention to return to Namibia. Close examining the conditions, we agreed that do we really have to go spend our money in countries which are doing everything possible to deny us entry? We are told how much money we should spend per day, yet schengen citizen's tourists come here and we put no condition on how much they must spend.

We are asked to give prove of accommodation implying that we could leave the comfort of our 800 square meter gardens to go sleep under some bridges in Europe? We are asked to request our employers to write letters that we are coming back and to take oath that we have intention to return to Namibia as if we gave a hint that we were in need of refugee status!

Requirements are dehumanizing and simple not customer friendly at all. They made me feel like being a beggar and decided to take my hard earned money to either Hongkong, Cuba, India , Malaysia , Trinidad and Tobago or even to the United Kingdom where we were no required to apply for visa for period shorter than three months.

A closer look at the no requirement gesture our Home Affairs office accord to those from schengen countries, forced us to suggest a reciprocal requirements for these countries.

In fact, an increase number of tourists, students and business visitors from schengen countries end -up becoming malalahotel in Namibia and refuse to go back.

I have come across many schengen countries citizens in Namibia who anuwa "fell in love with Namibia and decided to stay after their visit". What is good for the goose should be good for the gander too!

Citizens of schengen countries need to learn the civilised way of compiling visa requirements and they need to look no further than the land of the brave!


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura